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Nutaku's Sassy Squad Blends Tower Defense and Real-Time Strategy

May 30, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

Nutaku has launched a brand-new free-to-play game titled Sassy Squad. This game focuses on a post-apocalyptic scenario that has a light fantasy theme. The world is in danger, and your ex-girlfriend recruits you to save the world by kicking the boney butts of all sorts of supernatural threats!

In Sassy Squad, players will work their way through two campaigns featuring more than 30 different locations between them. Gameplay blends tower defense and real-time strategy elements into an interesting fusion. You'll place your characters onto the map to try to stave off the oncoming horde of enemies. Once they've turned the bend, you can reposition your characters to give them another chance at taking their shot!


sassy squad gameplay
Sassy Squad blends tower defense with real-time strategy.

There's a bit more to it than just the gameplay, though; you'll also be able to upgrade your characters and fine-tune their stats in a number of different ways. Each character comes equipped with five runes and these can be swapped out to change their powers and combat behavior. Would you like to get an extra shot every time you fire, or would you prefer to fire more quickly overall? The choice is up to you!


Of course, this is a Nutaku game and it's got no shortage of steamy sex scenes. Players can unlock these scenes as they play through the game's levels. Four different girls are available, each of which have their own 3D animated erotic scenes with more than 20 different positions.

One should bear in mind that this is a free-to-play game with all that implies. Premium currency and loot boxes are part of the game and serve as the primary vehicle for unlocking new runes for your hero and heroines. Thankfully, you'll be able to get free boxes periodically simply by checking in with the game every now and again.


sassy squad nutaku desktop client
Sassy Squad can be conveniently downloaded through the recently-updated Nutaku Desktop Client.

If Sassy Squad sounds like your kind of jam, you can play it for free via Nutaku [NSFW] right now. Why not grab the recently-updated Nutaku Desktop client and make managing all of your adult games easier?

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What do you think of Sassy Squad? Does the blending of tower defense and real-time strategy appeal to you or do you think that these two genres don't work all that well together? Let us know in the comments below!