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Nutaku's Latest RPG Pocket Fantasy Available On PC & Android

June 2, 2018

By: Tiffany Cullen

Nutaku's latest free-to-play title Pocket Fantasy has just hit PC and Android.

Manga enthusiasts and lewd gamers alike are in for a pleasant surprise with this retro-inspired role-playing adventure. Players begin by choosing their initial character whose abilities are based on elements of earth, fire, or air. You'll be able to summon more companions as you continue your journey towards building a powerful team that's readily prepared for combat.


Daily quests are included so players may partake in missions that involve battling well-equipped heroes in hopes of gaining further skills. If you surmount successfully, you'll go on to explore a sprawling world while fighting to survive. Ample strategic planning is needed to continue evolving and developing skills in the hopes of taking the number one spot at the Champions Tower.

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Your team is, of course, composed of adorable girls who you'll need to interact with through developing strategic training goals that boosts their strength. Gameplay will feature weapon upgrades, multiple maps to explore, bonus items, and occasional quizzes.

The mixture of manga, role-playing elements, and retro-inspiration aims to devise a world that arouses feelings of nostalgia and sheer excitement through triggering the memories of players' favorite games of the past. Hundreds of girls await collection, whether you choose to summon, hatch or combine them. Their saccharine projection shouldn't be confused with docile nature, though, as your cute heroes will often manifest as fearless warriors who house devastating special powers.


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Multi-teamplay will be feasible through forming teams and sending the girls out on adventures of battles within arenas. Guilds may be joined, raids may be started, and exploration alongside your friends is encouraged.

Loot, never-ending adventures, and a plethora of waifus await. If this seems interesting, be sure to head over to Nutaku and try it out for free.

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