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Nutaku's College Life Makes Its Sexy Debut

May 18, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Nutaku is debuting another brand-new free-to-play game! Following a short pre-registration period, you can now play College Life for free and meet up with some sexy sorority girls (and other students, too!).

College Life is all about the creatively-named town of Beaverton. Unfortunately, this college town has fallen into disrepair and it's up to you to spruce things up a bit! Players can repair the town's crumbling buildings with a bit of elbow grease and restore them to the former glory! Along the way, you can also add more than 100 custom decorations to make things look really nice.


This is, of course, a Nutaku game, and that means that there are tons of sex scenes for players to enjoy! This is a little deeper than the usual adult games, though, as you'll be playing a matchmaker of sorts, too. See which of the 12 girls pair up best with the game's various guys and have yourself some fun with the 70 sex scenes included at launch!

It should also be noted that this is a free-to-play game. College Life appears to use a fair few wait timers, so you should expect to do a lot of passive playing unless you want to toss in a few bucks to speed things up.

College Life Tutorial map
College Life kicks things off with much of the map hidden by a fog of war.

You Can Play College Life For Free Right Now!

If you're keen to relive your college days (or you've never gone in the first place), then this new adult game can give you a taste of some of the more lecherous fun that you missed out on!

You can play College Life for free at Nutaku [NSFW] right now! Don't forget to also check out Nutaku's other new release Heavy Metal Babes for some awesome mech battling action!


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