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Nutaku's Chick Dynasty Brings Sexy Auto Battles to Android

June 28, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku is back at it again with a new release for android: Chick Dynasty, a brand-new auto battler that is pretty darn fun.

In Chick Dynasty, players will get to experience a storyline featuring over 1,000 different stages. Players command a team of up to five powerful warriors as they automatically charge across the field and bash on enemies. Unlike some auto battlers, however, you have the option to play manually or use a manual/auto hybrid mode; there are quite a few different ways to play!


Chick Dynasty 2 Nutaku gameplay
Not a fan of auto-battlers? That's okay — Chick Dynasty lets you manually control the fight, too.

There are, of course, PvP game modes as is typical with this game. Whether you're playing in PvE or PvP, you'll have more than 50 characters to choose from for your fights. Your warriors can be given new equipment and power-ups to make them even stronger as you progress through the game.

Naturally, this is a Nutaku game — that means that there are a fair few adult scenes for players to enjoy. Don't expect to get right into the lewd stuff, though — you'll have to play the game a fair bit to unlock the adult content.


Chick Dynasty 2 Nutaku slice

Play Chick Dynasty for Free on Android Right Now!

If you're looking for a new auto battler to play, Chick Dynasty isn't bad as far as choices go. There's also the bonus that it's a free-to-play game — you can dive right in without worrying about spending any money upfront. That said, this is a free-to-play game; you can buy power-ups or spend cash on gacha rolls/loot boxes to power up your characters even more if you'd like to.


You can play Chick Dynasty for free on Android right now [NSFW] via Nutaku. Keep in mind that this is an Android game — you'll have to download the APK from Nutaku's website and install it on your phone. There may be a chance that a PC release arrives at a later date, but there are no guarantees.

Not your kind of game? You can always check out other recent adult gaming releases such as the auto battler Eros Fantasy on PC and Android or the superhero management game Comix Harem.

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