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Nutaku's Lets You Build A Tower Full of Sexy Girls

August 26, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Nutaku has launched a new free-to-play game for Android phones! continues the adult gaming retailer's tradition of taking existing game genres and added anime tiddies, a winning formula that has seen much success.

In, players start off living in a run-down apartment building. They quickly learn that they are the only surviving heir of a real estate empire and it's up to them to continue the family's tradition of running high-rise buildings! Basically, this game is just like Tiny Tower except the company dress code is very liberal.


Nutaku gameplay
Earn money, meet sexy girls, build a bigger mansion. That's the life.

Primarily, you're going you be starting your game by tapping on girls and making them work. Their profits are then dropped off at an elevator which then must be carted off to a vault. You'll quickly be able to hire upgradable managers who will automate this process, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

From there, you'll expand your property, get new girls to join your company, and — of course — unlock all kinds of lewd sex scenes for you to enjoy.


Play on Nutaku for Free Right Now!

If you're all about real-estate development, then may just be the game for you! It certainly puts an interesting spin on the genre, adding in mixes of management, idle clicking, and more.

Do keep in mind, however, that this is a free-to-play game. There are all sorts of microtransactions available for you to buy including loot boxes, boosts, and currency, all of which will allow you to speed up your gameplay if you're not keen on waiting around.


This seems like a pretty interesting new release from Nutaku nonetheless! You can play on your Android phone for free right now [NSFW] or via the official Nutaku Android Store [NSFW]. If this game isn't quite your style, check out Kink Inc. or Lewd Producer instead!

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