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Nutaku Website Redesign is Now in Beta

September 17, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has overhauled its website to make it look a little more modern. The Nutaku website redesign is live and available for lewd gamers to test out, but it's not quite yet ready for prime time.

If you're somehow unfamiliar with Nutaku, it's a digital gaming retailer similar to sites like Steam and the Epic Games Store. The key difference here is that Nutaku focuses largely on adult games — that is to say, games with sexual content within them.


Nutaku has been around for a few years now and it was high time for its web-based storefront to get a makeover. That day has come — and it's already looking pretty darn cool.

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How Has the Nutaku Website Redesign Changed the Site?

The first and most obvious change in the Nutaku website redesign is the overall aesthetic. While the O.G. Nutaku site is well known for its blend of white and pink, this new version uses a cool grey color to make it a little eas ier on the eyes.

The various panels representing the hundreds of games on the site have been resdesigned and rearranged. Each panel now shows the game name, a cover image for the game, its genre, its price, and the platforms you can play it on. Organization has been further improved with the addition of a sidebar to make it easy to quickly get to where you want to go.


Nutaku hasn't just slapped on a new coat of paint, though — some new features are also making their debut with this beta. Adult gamers can now tag a game as their favorite, organizing them however they'd like to on the profile page using a simple drag and drop interface. You can also now search for games by their title, genre, or any other associated tags.

The last major update has to do with your preferences. Many digital game stores allow you to filter what content you see and now you can do the same over at Nutaku. You can opt to see Female + Male, Female + Female, Male + Male, or Transgender content in your preferences. You can see some or all of these things depending on what you select.

You can check out the Nutaku website redesign over at [NSFW]. If you're looking for something to play, might we suggest MagicAMI DX or Kirakira Stars Idol Project?

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