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Nutaku to Launch Treasure of a Blizzard Uncensored

January 30, 2017

By: Robert N. Adams

Nutaku [NSFW] will be launching an uncensored version of the fantasy themed visual novel Treasure of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout to English audiences on January 31, 2017 according to a press release by the company.

In Treasure of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout, players will be taking on the role of a young military officer who is making a journey to the Imperial capital. You'll be able to make decisions throughout the game that will affect the course of the story, ultimately resulting in ten different alternate endings.

The protagonist Kang is endeavoring to repent for a mutiny committed by his father in his journey; he'll be under complete and total control of the Empire once he completes his journey. Accompanying him is his childhood friend Lin, a woman who is quite obsessed with money. Lin joined the King's Guard after facing years of bullying due to her unusual hair color inherited from her mother.


Other major characters (and potential romance options, I'm sure) include Mei and Shan. Mei is a tavern keeper who the player will encounter at a rest stop during the course of their journey. Mysteriously, Kang perceives her to be adorned with a blue flower atop her head,  something that no one else can see, and she has a particular proclivity for gambling games. Players will also encounter Shan (pictured in the header), a cold white she-wolf who leads the werewolves of the region. Many rumors about werewolves exist among mankind, but almost no truths are known for certain.

Gameplay will consist of the standard fare one would expect from a visual novel. Players will progress through dialogue supported by manga-style drawings. Although the game will have sound and music, it doesn't feature any spoken dialogue. If you're interested in seeing what gameplay looks like, you can take a peek at a Let's Play of the mildly-censored Steam version by YouTuber tr1ppa.


Treasure of a Blizzard Hemmm
Left to Right: Lin, Mei, and Shan—the three main romantic interests in Treasure of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout. Hemmm indeed.

Treasure of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux and utilizes Adobe Flash. If the fact that this is being released "uncensored" and the anime-esque art hasn't clued you in on it, this will definitely be an adult visual novel that's intended for 18+ audiences. If you're interested in picking up the game to play it, you can grab it at Nutaku [NSFW] [Affiliate Link]. You can also pick up a lightly censored version of the game on Steam. According to a comment by the developers, the uncensored version will only be available on Nutaku.

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Are you interested in grabbing Treasure of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout? What's your favorite visual novel from recent years? What do you think is the best ever visual novel ever released? Let us know in the comments below!