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The Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale Is Very Dirty

May 21, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

The Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale is here, and it's rather... dirty. Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has a ton of discounts on its premium games along with a fair few events in its free-to-play titles!

Nutaku is a gaming store much like Steam or the Epic Games Store with one important distinct: it's packed to the rafters with adult-oriented video games filled with sex and anime tiddies, two of mankind's greatest creations.


Now, you have an opportunity to save a few bucks or score some bonus items in some of the best adult games out there — but it's only going to last for this one weekend!

Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale free-to-play slice


Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale — Free-To-Play In-Game Events and Discounts

Nutaku is probably best known for its free-to-play offerings, and dozens of these titles are running special in-game events and/or discounts in their respective storefronts. As always, it's highlighting a handful of games as particularly interesting picks.

Here are the free-to-play games being highlighted for the Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale:


Of course, this is far from everything going on in the free-to-play offerings on Nutaku! Check out all of the Nutaku free-to-play games [NSFW] and see if there's something you like!

Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale premium games

Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale — Premium Game Discounts

As with previous events, the Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale also has a bunch of premium games on sale. Check out the discounts on these games we're highlighting!

Crimson Gray [NSFW] — $4.99 / 499 Nutaku Coins (50% off)

Lizzie is a pretty cute girl that looks like she'll make John's life a lot better... until he discovers that she is a yandere, a psychotically-obsessive person with an intense fixation on him. Make your choices carefully or everything will end in tragedy!


Forest Fortress [NSFW] — $4.50 / 450 Nutaku Coins (70% off)

Dale goes to the cursed forest to learn about a disease spreading in a nearby village. He soon discovers some cute animal girls and a deep mystery to explore — can you lift the corrupting curse plaguing the land in this visual novel?

Gamble Fight Plus [NSFW] — $4.99 / 499 Nutaku Coins (50% off)

Gamble Fight Plus is like if the developers of Dead or Alive got together and decided to throw all pretense out the window. Hot girls battle it out in fast-paced, 3D battles while wearing skimpy costumes! You might take some damage during battle, but you won't care as their clothes fall to pieces all around them.

Super Naughty Maid 2 [NSFW] — $11.99 / 1,199 Nutaku Coins (25% off)

In Super Naughty Maid 2, players get a firsthand look at the sexy maidservant Leona! Players can enjoy five spicy sex scenes with variant positions featuring a high-quality 3D model! (Do be aware, however, that this is only a lightly-interactive game.)

Himeko Maid [NSFW] — $3.99 / 399 Nutaku Coins (20% off)

Continuing the light maid theme of the Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale, Himeko Maid is a girl-on-girl visual novel featuring a bunch of sexy maids! What's not to love?


That's it for our highlights, but there are plenty more premium adult games on sale [NSFW] over at Nutaku for the weekend! You might also want to have a gander at Nutaku's newest premium release WabiSabi; it's not on sale just yet, but it looks like a pretty interesting game nonetheless.

Don't forget to also look at the Nutaku Spring Cleaning Sale [NSFW] before these deals are gone for good! You have until Sunday, May 24, 2020, to take advantage of these great savings!

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