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Nutaku Premieres Adult Gaming eSports with Lewd Gaming Championship

July 19, 2018

By: Don Parsons

In what we really should of have seen coming as an inevitability, Nutaku and YouPorn have partnered for the world's first Adult Gaming eSports tournament. Dubbed the Lewd Gaming Championship, this marks the first move by Nutaku into the eSports arena, bringing some of their titles into the sharp red lights of tournament play.

Set to begin in Fall 2018, the tournament will have a 64 player bracket competing over a prize pool of $25,000 US. Beyond that, all participants in the bracket will get 12 free months of YouPorn Premium for free as part of what they are bringing as a partner and sponsor to the event. So, to compete in this, what moves do participants in this orgy of gaming need to master to have a chance to get the grand prize?


Well, for the event Nutaku has chosen the mobile title Tits 'N' Tanks, an adult mobile anime take on the World of Tanks formula. Released earlier this yearTits 'N' Tanks was designed from the ground up as a fast-paced PVP tank warfare game, making it a natural choice for the event. Pedro Aguiar, the COO of Tits 'N' Tanks developer Gamebau shared his thoughts on being chosen to lunch the adult gaming eSports scene:

"We believe TnT is an amazing game to kick start eSports in the adult gaming scene, since it's a super high quality and competitive 3D tank game with amazing hentai graphics and a ton of collectables that will make the H-community super excited."
Of course, unlike Gamebau and Nutaku, YouPorn is no newcomer to the eSports scene. Oddly enough, the one company without any direct ties to gaming has the most history there with Team YP - formerly known as Team YouPorn. Founded back in 2014 Team YP has competed in various events from Starcraft 2, to various fighting games, and Counter-Strike among others. According to Nutaku's Ben Faccio this experience was a key element in choosing them as the tournament sponsor.

For those who might be wondering why Nutaku is getting into esports, they provided a bit of information in a Reddit AMA:


One of our primary goals is to break down the stigma around "adult" games. We don't want games with adult content to be ostracized like they are now. Sex is a natural part of every persons life, you wouldn't exist without it!

The idea that sexual content is still so taboo in gaming is really a shame. I mean after all, are you more likely to have sex or kill someone, yet violence is the standard in gaming. We're by NO means anti-violence in video games, we just want sexual content to have the same treatment.

We think getting into competitive gaming is one of the best ways to shine light on this and get the question out there. We hope in a few years that competitive gaming in the adult space is not only accepted, but revered.

Right now even games like Street Fighter struggle with some of their levels and character skins in the competitive gaming scene. DOA too.

This is just the start of eSports in adult/sexual games, there's so many improvements needed to bring it close to the mainstream standard, but we're very excited for what the future holds!

Registration isn't up for the event yet, but you can take a look at the page for some more information. If you want to try to thrust ahead of the competition, you can go download Tits 'N' Tanks right here on Nutaku. Please note though, that neither link is particularly safe for work, with the latter being especially not so.

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