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Nutaku Opens Pre-Registration for Crystal Maidens

May 13, 2017

By: Robert Grosso

Adult gaming website Nutaku has begun pre-registering for a new free to play title,  named Crystal Maidens.

Crystal Maidens is a browser-based strategy game in the same vein as the popular android title Clash Royale, but with an "erotic twist" according to Nutaku. Players will command a force of powerful maidens, powerful female fighters to help fight back against the forces of darkness in real-time battles. Players can upgrade their battle skills and customize their equipment, along with actively affecting the fights by moving the maidens across the battlefield.


Some of the game's features include a plethora of 3-D battle spaces, including snowy mountains, forested fields, and the side of a volcano. Players are also able to give encouragement to their favorite maidens by flirting with them, which will eventually unlock erotic scenes of your favorite maidens as you play the game.

Nutaku hopes that "The erotic scenery combined with the war strategy game play is enticingly sharp and engaging – sure to be a hit for any mature gamer." 


Players can also unlock more maidens and high-powered upgrades by drawing gacha, a special force of power found in the game. Players can get more chances to use gacha by spending jewels, one of the in-game currencies. Jewels can also be purchased via microtransactions if a player wishes.

Nutaku does not have a release date set for Crystal Maidens at this time, but those who decide to pre-register will receive in-game rewards including access to in-game currency and items, which will give players a head start in their fight against the dark forces.


Disclosure: Nutaku provides perks for TechRaptor Pack Hunter members and TechRaptor participates in an affiliate linking program with the company. Some links in this article were affiliated.

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