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Nutaku Launches Side Scrolling Platformer Eroico

March 7, 2017


Nutaku celebrates love in the time of 16-bit with the launch of Kyrieru's sexy side-scroller Eroico. The 2D platformer takes retro action to new places with an erotic take on sword and shield combat. As a lone prince, you'll battle monster girls, gather power-ups, and have copious amounts of sex along the way! You'll have to fight your way through three stages filled with monstrous ladies that want nothing more than to beat you into submission before showing just how graphic a 16-bit sex scene can be.

The adult games platform Nutaku had this to say about the new release,


Eroico takes engaging gameplay, gorgeous pixel scenes, an enjoyable soundtrack and combines them together into a perfect package! A challenging and rewarding adventure experience which appeals to all sorts of gamers. Enjoy great original sex scenes throughout the game. When the monster girls do have their way with the hero, the scenes and sounds are quite cheeky!
You can check out the (NSFW) trailer on the game's Nutaku download page (also NSFW). The publisher also describes the key features of the game on the page, there are 15 monster girls to meet across three stages, custom uncensored sex animations and CG, and no DRM, Eroico is available for Windows only.

System requirements for the game should suit the lightest of setups, all you'll need to run Eroico is,

  • 1Gb RAM
  • 120 HDD
  • Core Duo+
  • Sound: wav, direct sound
  • Direct X compatible video card
  • Direct X 8+
Most of the content found on the store page for the adults-only game is firmly NSFW but we've managed to bring you some of the more office-friendly screenshots below.

Disclosure: Nutaku is a Partner with TechRaptor, offering our Pack Hunter members a monthly code that offers a discount on Nutaku games. TechRaptor also earns a commission from purchases made through Nutaku links.


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