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Nutaku Launches Sexy Strategy Puzzle RPG Hell Girls

July 11, 2017

By: Andrew Otton

Last week, Nutaku launched Hell Girls for PC, the new Strategy Puzzle RPG developed and published by SakuraGame. It's an adult game with erotic elements, featuring anime-inspired artwork.

Hell Girls is more about strategy than it is about speed, combining RPG elements with match 3 and puzzle mechanics. Gameplay hinges more on making the right choices at the right moment than the speed at which you can clear portions of the board away. So, instead of the frantic board clearing seen in most match 3 games, Hell Girls takes a more methodical approach.


It promises an engaging story about three families blessed by the gods who each have given birth to a girl. One girl has the power of ice, one of fire, and one of light. They travel across Hell and Earth to fight and slay monsters to save the world from corruption.

The three girls, the Hell Girls, and their respective unique elements—fire, ice, and light—each play differently from one another, offering some variety in the gameplay. Knowing how each particular one plays is important to the overall strategy of the game, as they have their own strengths and weaknesses.


Of course, the erotic element plays a part as well, with each of the three girls having different clothing to choose from and explicit scenes. The press release hints that the game is a little self-aware as it states the girls utilize their outfits and "indulge in erotic experiences to keep every gamer's attention." At least, the press release is a little self-aware.

You can participate in these Hell Girls' exploits today by purchasing the game on Nutaku.


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