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Nutaku Launches Erotic Visual Novel Battle Girls On Storefront

July 27, 2017


Adult gaming website Nutaku has announced one of the newest games to join its immense erotic line-up - Battle Girls, a mech-themed visual novel from the United Kingdoms-based Dharker Studio. Dharker Studio has worked on a number of erotic visual novels on Nutaku, and are also responsible for the lingerie store management simulator Negligee, available on Steam.

The bulk of Battle Girls' plot is centered at the "Battle Mech" training grounds, where the player character and their fellow co-pilots are being trained to help secure their country's place in the newly-formed combined government via wining the "Mech Wars". Choices made during the events of the game lead to different romantic pairings, and further choices can net the player one of the visual novel's three alternate endings.


If Battle Girls sounds familiar to you, then it's probably for a good reason - it was one of the flagship projects on Kimochi Red Light, Nutaku's adult gaming crowdfunding platform which launched back in February of 2017. Battle Girls quickly proved to be popular and received 167% of its $2,000 USD funding within a months time-span. Dharker Studio's other Kimochi Red Light project, Echo Tokyo: Phoenix, has also been fully funded and is due for a 2018 release on Nutaku and Steam.

A slightly NSFW YouTube trailer can be viewed below, introducing the player to their romantic interests and co-pilots.

Battle Girls is available for purchase at Nutaku for $10.00 USD (currently $8.50 USD as a part of Nutaku's Summer Sale); additionally, players also have the option to purchase the title on Steam for $9.99 USD. It is important to note that the Steam version of Battle Girls requires an adult patch in order to view the sexual scenes.


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