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Nutaku Halloween Sale Has Spooky Deals on Adult Games

October 26, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

The Nutaku Halloween sale has arrived on the adult gaming retailer, featuring the debut of events in more than 20 free-to-play games and discounts on dozens of premium adult games!

Nutaku is an adult gaming retailer that has a massive library featuring hundreds of free-to-play and premium games. We're getting closer and closer to Halloween, so it's the perfect time for it to kick off a special sale [NSFW]. As always, we'll be highlighting some of the free-to-play and premium games with special events and discounts — let's dive right in!


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Nutaku Halloween Sale Brings 20+ Events to Free-to-Play Games

Dozens of free-to-play adult games have special events going on for the Nutaku Halloween Sale — here are our picks for some of the more interesting games available.


Booty Farm [NSFW]

Booty Farm is basically Farmville with anime tiddies. Players have to grow crops, raise animals, and expand the buildings on their farm. You'll also meet some sexy girls from the neighborhood as you grow in money and reputation! [NSFW]

In, you make the surprising discovery that you are the only surviving heir of a real-estate empire. You're charged with getting a handle on the business (and some of the hot girls you meet, too.)


Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored [NSFW]

If you prefer a more laid-back experience, then Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored may be the game for you. This idle game has players taking on various jobs and learning skills as they try to find some ladies to date!

Heavy Metal Babes [NSFW]

Heavy Metal Babes is better for the player who wants a little more in the way of battle. This game puts you in command of a squad of mechs, each of which is piloted by a lovely lady! You'll fight off an invasion with futuristic sci-fi tech — and discover a little romance on the side, too.

Pocket Waifu [NSFW]

Combining dating sims and life sims, Pocket Waifu has you meeting a cavalcade of cute girls. Each girl has certain needs and it's up to you to fulfill them. As you make them happier, you'll unlock some spicy sex scenes!

Of course, there are just a few of the games with special events going on in the Nutaku Halloween Sale. Check out all of the free-to-play games available in the Nutaku Halloween Sale [NSFW]!


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Get Premium Adult Games at a Discount in the Nutaku Halloween Sale

Nutaku's free-to-play games are pretty good, but some players want a more robust experience. That's where the premium games come in — each of these purchasable stories features a mix of gameplay and sexy adult content catering to many different tastes.

Ashmedai - Queen of Lust [NSFW] – $8.00 / 800 Nutaku Coins (20% off)

Ashmedai has players taking command of the titular demon who is trying her damnedest to conquer Hell. Assemble a party of 5 warriors and defeat your enemies! Along the way, you'll unlock hundreds of lewd images.

Custom Order Maid 3D2 [NSFW] – $40.50 / 4,050 Nutaku Coins (10% off)

Maid costumes are popular for a reason — having your very own sexy maid is the fantasy of many a dude. In Custom Order Maid 3D2, you've inherited the illustrious Empire Club from your uncle. Unfortunately, it's quickly on the way to ruin! You'll have to rebuild the club (and build some new relationships with the maids along the way).


Karmasutra [NSFW] – $9.75 / 975 Nutaku Coins (35% off)

This RPG has players exploring a strange land filled with love and lust. In Karmasutra, you'll be able to visit more than two dozen explorable locations and encounter 13 characters, each of whom has visual novel-style interactions and special events.

Love Witches [NSFW] – $3.00 / 300 Nutaku Coins (40% off)

If yuri is more your thing, then Love Witches is the game for you! This game is exactly what it says on the tin — it's all about a couple of witches in love. There are plenty of magical H scenes for you to enjoy!

Sakura Moonlight [NSFW] – $3.24 / 324 Nutaku Coins (35% off)

Finally, Sakura Moonlight brings us that wonderful combination of Match-3 gameplay and a visual novel story. This short visual novel is packed with lots of sexy sights to see! Players can continue their story by picking up the sequel Sakura Moonlight 2 [NSFW] at the same price.

Don't forget, Nutaku is always releasing new free-to-play and premium titles! Their latest releases are Casting Agent and Vegas on Wasteland, both of which are free-to-play games.

As with the free-to-play games, this is just a selection of the available premium adult games in the Nutaku Halloween Sale. Check out all of the discounts on premium adult games [NSFW]!

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