Nutaku Golden Week Sale Brings Back Great Adult Gaming Deals

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Nutaku Golden Week Sale Brings Back Great Adult Gaming Deals

April 29, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

The Nutaku Golden Week Sale has come back yet again at one of the world's biggest adult gaming distributors! Not only are there a bunch of in-game events for Nutaku's free-to-play games — a bunch of premium titles are also on sale with discounts as high as 80% off!

If you're not familiar with Nutaku, it combines a game distribution service like Steam along with a browser game service like the dozens of sites we all used when we were supposed to be doing work at school. It does, however, have one key difference: pretty much every game has spicy sex scenes and other lewd content.

It's Golden Week in Japan, a weeklong celebration of national holidays which gives most people some much-needed time off. A lot of these games are in the anime style, so Nutaku is here with a sale to celebrate!

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These games are so lewd, we can't even show you their box art.

Nutaku Golden Week Sale — Free-To-Play In-Game Events and Discounts

First up, a number of free-to-play games are running special events for the next week or two. These special in-game events bring discounts on in-game items, new characters, new events, and other special promotions!

Here are the six games that are being highlighted for the Nutaku Golden Week Sale:

This isn't all that's coming in the Nutaku Golden Week Sale, mind! Dozens of other free-to-play games are also running events, so go ahead and check out Nutaku's free-to-play offerings [NSFW] to see what else is available to play.

Nutaku Golden Week Sale — Premium Game Discounts

A number of premium games are also on sale. Some of these discounts are as high as 80% off! Here's some of our picks for the games you can get at a discount right now:

Devious [NSFW] — $9.99 / 999 Nutaku Coins (50% off)

In the world of Devious, four ancient guardians called Arbiters once dissolved the soul of a corrupt king and formed four new nations. It's many years later and the nations are in trouble; you must dive into 40 levels of dungeon-crawling gameplay and fight to protect the land! (Also, you can see sex scenes with hot anime girls!)

HuniePop [NSFW] — $2.50 / 250 Nutaku Coins (75% off)

HuniePop may well be the modern king of anime tiddy games. This game makes for an addictive combination of match-3, dating sim, and visual novel gameplay, along with a hilarious cast of characters that aren't too shy about taking their clothes off. It's practically a steal at just $2.50!

My Neighbor is a Yandere?! [NSFW] — $2.50 / 250 Nutaku Coins (50% off)

Seijuro has been in a coma for seven years. When he wakes, he discovers that he's been cared for by a girl named Nanase. Nanase is a little... off. And by "off", I mean that she's a murderous yandere who is wildly possessive. Don't forget that you can continue the story with My Neighbor is a Yandere?! (Chapter 2) [NSFW] at the same sweet discount!

Sakura Swim Club [NSFW] — $4.49 / 449 Nutaku Coins (55% off)

Look, it's a visual novel that takes place in a swim club. The ladies are already in swimsuits, there ain't much left to take off. Oh yeah, and this is also one of the finer entries in the long-running Sakura franchise of H-Games, so the storytelling is pretty good, too.

Shining Song Starnova [NSFW] — $9.00 / 900 Nutaku Coins (70% off)

Anything can happen in show business. Gather up a group of pop stars to form the world's biggest idol group in this grand visual novel with over 25 uncensored sex scenes! There are a bunch of routes to play through, so this game should have a fair bit of replayability, too.

That's it for our highlights, but there's plenty more on sale! Don't forget to check out all of the premium games on sale [NSFW] in the Nutaku Golden Week Sale, too!

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KIller Nutaku Gold Packages Make a Comeback

Free-to-play in-game events and discounts on premium games are pretty great, but the Nutaku Golden Week Sale doesn't stop there! There are also some pretty great bundles of Nutaku Gold available for you to buy.

If you're unfamiliar with Nutaku Gold, it's basically the site's premium currency. It's used for premium content purchases in Nutaku's massive library of free-to-play games, but it can also be used to purchase the premium games outright at the ratio of 1 Nutaku Gold = $0.01.

As part of the Nutaku Golden Week Sale, you can get special discounted bundles with as much as 25% bonus gold, effectively giving you even bigger discounts on some of these premium titles! Buy some Nutaku Gold at a great price [NSFW] while you can and you can save even more!

You can see everything else going on in this event at the Nutaku Golden Week Sale landing page [NSFW]. Don't miss out on exploring some of Nutaku's new downloadable titles or pre-registering for its latest free-to-play game War of Venus!

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