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Nutaku Desktop Client Leaves Beta, Enables Auto-Update

May 30, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

The Nutaku Desktop Client has concluded its beta test and added a new (and much-needed) feature: the games that you manage through the client will now automatically update themselves. This builds on the existing feature set that has made it easier than ever to manage the growing number of adult-oriented video games available via Nutaku.

On the off chance your unfamiliar with Nutaku, they can be boiled down thusly: they're Steam, but with a singular focus on anime tiddy (and other adult) games. Hundreds of paid and free-to-play games are available on the service. The company launched the beta of their desktop client in November of last year. Since then, they've put in a good bit of work and are ready to call it done.


At the moment, the Nutaku Desktop Client is only available for Windows. Unfortunately, there aren't currently any plans for them to develop a Mac and Linux version of the client. While Nutaku certainly has more than a few games available for operating systems other than Windows, the number of users on Mac and Linux are many times smaller than those on Windows. It's an understandable compromise on their part; unfortunately, Mac and Linux gamers will have to keep playing their adult games the old way or launch the app in Wine or other software.

Mobile players aren't left in the lurch, either. Nutaku recently launched their own Android app to meet the same level of functionality for mobile devices. The Android app keeps all of your mobile games updates, just like the Nutaku Desktop client. For now, the mobile equivalent of the desktop client is in beta.


If you've played more than a few Nutaku games and you're tired of juggling your downloads, you can download the Nutaku Desktop Client for free [NSFW] and save yourself a lot of trouble with managing your adult games.

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Quick Take

Considering Steam's shaky stance on adult games, it's nice to see Nutaku making headway in this area. Unfortunately, I've still had a number of reliability issues with the client. One or two games flat out don't load, and there still doesn't seem to be any way to remove free-to-play games from your library. Thankfully, the delay in loading the app seems to have improved and the requirement to click okay has been done away with, so at least Nutaku is making progress here.

What do you think of the Nutaku Desktop Client? Do you like to use it or do you prefer playing your Nutaku games in a browser or a standalone program instead? Let  us know in the comments below!