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Nutaku Celebrates Pride Month With LGBT Games 'Cockville' and 'FAP CEO: Men Stream'

June 24, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

It's Pride Month and Nutaku is celebrating with the addition of two brand new games for the gay men out there! Cockville and FAP CEO: Men Stream are brand-new free-to-play games based on familiar straight titles that are tailored to homosexual men and they've arrived just before Pride Month comes to a close. These two new games promise plenty of fun (and some attractive dudes to ogle, to boot!).



If you thought Cockville sounds like Farmville for gay dudes, you would be one hundred percent correct. Made by Tender Team (the same folks behind Booty Farm), Cockville replicates the same successful cow clicker gameplay for the gay male audience. Players will grow crops, fill orders, and date some hot hunks of all shapes and sizes!

I casually took a look at this game and it seems like it pretty much replicates the gameplay of Booty Farm 1:1 save for the characters you're out to have romantic encounters with. Check out our general tips for Booty Farm and our guide to selling the best items to make the most of your game!

FAP CEO: Men Stream

FAP CEO: Men Stream

Much like the vanilla FAP CEOFAP CEO: Men Stream has you taking command of a cam empire. This time, though, you're in command of a staff of camboys rather than camgirls. (I'm honestly not even sure if "camboys" is the correct term here, but I digress.)

Players will hire employees who will put on sexy adult shows for their customers and rake in cash hand over fist. You'll also be surrounded by a bunch of sexy dudes, so there may just be some sexy encounters you can experience if you play your cards right!

Bear in mind that both of these games are free-to-play titles; expect loot boxes, premium currency, and all the usual things you'd expect to see in a game that you can play for free. You can play these titles on PC or on Android. Go ahead and check out Cockville [NSFW] or FAP CEO: Men Stream [NSFW] for yourself right now! You can also browse through Nutaku's robust selection of games for gay men [NSFW] if you're looking for something different.

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What do you think of Cockville and FAP CEO: Men Stream? Do you like the new games Nutaku has debuted for Pride Month? What other games for gay men do you like? Let us know in the comments below!