Nutaku Bunny Days Event will Make your Easter Super Lewd

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Nutaku Bunny Days Event will Make your Easter Super Lewd

April 14, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Quarantine got you down? With the holidays on the way, a lot of us are stuck at home and pretty darn bored. That's where the Nutaku Bunny Days event comes in to save the day! And by "save the day," I mean "run a bunch of events for free-to-play adult games."

If you're not super familiar with Nutaku, they're a digital games distributor with a laser-like focus on adult-oriented video games. They run special events and/or sales every now and again, and another one has arrived just in time for Easter!

Unsurprisingly, the theme for this particular event is Easter. The Nutaku Bunny Days event is bringing with it some cool things to do in the site's free-to-play games — and that's not all!

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What are the Nutaku Bunny Days Game Events?

Six of Nutaku's free-to-play games have been highlighted for the Bunny Days event.

  • Booty Calls [NSFW] - This game has something special for players from April 8–14 — a new interactive scene, new gacha, and some great discounts!
  • Booty Farm [NSFW]Booty Farm brings back their Easter-themed Bunny character along with a bunch of in-game discounts and brand-new items. This event is only around from April 9–14, though!
  • FAP CEO [NSFW] - The "Lana in Wonderland" event features 4 videos, 4 photos, 4 outfits, and a new background! This event runs from April 7–17.
  • Harem Heroes [NSFW] - This free-to-play game has a promo bundle and -15% on Combativity points from April 9–12.
  • Kamihime Project [NSFW] - From now until April 12, special "Step Up" Gacha are available in Kamihime Project.
  • Project QT [NSFW] - Finally, Project QT has the new character Grace available to romance from April 8–29.

Get 599 Nutaku Gold Free!

Nutaku isn't just running some special free-to-play events — they're also giving away Nutaku Gold! There are two active codes that you can put in right now:

    • Valid Until April 17, 2020
    • Valid until April 21, 2020

Each of these codes will give you 299 Nutaku Gold apiece; Nutaku Gold works out to 100 Gold = $1.00. Get your free Nutaku gold [NSFW] while you can!

Is there a Nutaku Bunny Days Sale?

If you're looking for something to spend that free Nutaku gold on (or maybe some of your own money, too), you'll be happy to hear that there are a bunch of premium games on sale, too!

Check out the dozens of games on sale in the Nutaku Bunny Days event [NSFW] with discounts ranging from 10–93% off! With the above two Nutaku Gold codes, you'll be able to pick up at least two titles from this list and still have a bit left over!

There's so much more to see — make sure you check out the Nutaku Bunny Days event [NSFW] to see what else is in store for all of these great free-to-play adult games! You might also want to take a peek at their newest premium release Making Lovers.

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