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Nutaku Black Friday Sales Are Here - Sales up to 94% Off

November 25, 2016

By: Don Parsons

Are you looking for something a little different than what you see in other games? Games for sale that are pretty different from other games you find in Black Friday sales? Well then, if you're interested in some "adult content," with visuals in many that Ubisoft would remove entirely, the Nutaku Black Friday may be what you are looking for. Please note: all links after this are Not Safe For Work, the links are affiliated, and that this Black Friday sale runs through November 28th.

There are two main sections to the sale, the first being about their browser games, which feature up to 94% off in-game purchases and bundles. These games come with a variety of their own sections to browse through and are free to play with microtransactions. Twelve games take part in the promotion:


However, many of you are probably more interested in the up to 70% off that is available for their downloadable games. These are all uncensored, and many of them are DRM-Free as well. You can see them all on the Black Friday sales page underneath the free games, but I'll mention a few here of note that stand out

Sunrider Liberation Day is the sequel to the free Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius, which had been funded on Patreon. Liberation Day had issues on launch, but the team have been patching it up, and it is 60% off, taking it down to just $10. The mainline Sunrider games mix a tactical turn-based grid combat system in space mechs, with a visual novel and an interesting space opera type story with vibrant characters and a decent combat system. It is, however, a direct sequel to Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius, which may turn some people off.

Another entry in the series is the dating sim spinoff Sunrider Academy, which is 70% off and going for only $3. This game takes place in an alternate universe where all the cast from the main game are going to school together,  with no big space invasions, no battles or things like that. Instead, you have the slice of life management and different things that go on around a school and a focus on relationships with the characters. There are some crossover bits in reference to Mask of Arcadius, but not too much, especially if you stay away from one particular storyline.


If you're looking for more of a pure visual novel, Princess Evangile by Moonstone may interest you, as the game is 25% off for its lowest price yet at $33.70. Princess Evangile, unlike some titles, doesn't rely on sex or nudity as a major thing, it's more something that comes as part of the story and relationships built part way through and could mostly be removed with some, but not large, changes (which is what the Steam All-Ages version does). In Princess Evangile, you play as Masaya, a boy with a deadbeat dad, and a mother who left previously, and end up recruited to an all-girls catholic private school by one of the girls who is in favor of integration. The story deals heavily with that main concept—how to handle gender integration in a private school, and how people who are sheltered or rich may view the world in comparison to others. It is also on the longer side, with multiple paths and over 40 hours of game time in it.

On the other hand, if you're wanting some more gameplay, you might want to try something like Wingcloud's Sakura Dungeon, which mixes its buxom lasses with a first person dungeon crawling game and a lot of dialogue scenes. This is the DRM-Free and uncensored release, and it's 25% off, putting it at $15.00.


If you are looking for less nudity and more comedy, then you might be interested in the sale that Nutaku has on PanzermadelsPanzermadels is a visual novel/dating sim game and puts a tank twist on them all, by having all the other characters being personifications of various tanks like the Tiger 1, M4 Sherman, and others. It is 50% off, putting the only game that lets you date a Panzer at $5.

While there are a lot more games on sale, I'm going to mention and link to some recent releases:

  • Negligee - We covered this when it was released, as it is a visual novel that has you running a lingerie store. It is 15% off and going for $11.
  • Quest Failed - We also covered this on release, and it is a game that focuses on you being unable to win and getting into awkward situations. It is 10% off and available for $10.80.
  • Ouroboros is another title we covered, and it combines its nudity with classic RPG elements. It is 33% off, putting it at an even $10.
There are a number of other games for sale, so be sure to take a look if this type of game interests you, which given you're reading here, I imagine it does at least somewhat.

Disclosure: TechRaptor occasionally uses affiliate links from Nutaku and they also provide perks for our “Pack Hunter” membership level.

Which of the games on sale are you interested in? Do you have any recommendations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!