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Nutaku Black Friday Sale Has F2P Events & Great Adult Game Deals

November 23, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

If you're down to get a little bit naughty before Santa starts checking who's nice, the Nutaku Black Friday sale is probably the best place to do it. The sale was announced via a press release.

Nutaku is an adult-oriented digital game distributor of both free-to-play and premium games. They release two or three new free-to-play games every month and most of their existing library has a relatively healthy update schedule.


We headed down into the digital red light district to pick out a few choice deals and events in the Nutaku Black Friday sale - let's check 'em out!


nutaku black friday huniepop half size hearts

Nutaku Black Friday Sale - Premium Games

HuniePop [NSFW] ($2.50, 75% off - Our Review) is a game that's probably pretty well-known by now. This title from HuniePot combines a puzzle game and dating sim into one strange yet compelling package. After a visit from a love fairy, you're tasked with chatting up a bunch of hot girls in your neighborhood. Get to know them through visual novel gameplay and then take them on dates represented by devious match-3 puzzles!

My Neighbor is a Yandere?! [NSFW] ($2.50, 50% off) is a visual novel in the Nutaku Black Friday sale with an interesting premise. After spending seven years in a coma, your character wakes up in a room that he doesn't recognize. His beautiful neighbor Nanase has taken care of him for a while, but something seems a little bit off about her. Pick your dialogue choices carefully as you head towards one of three different endings! This is an episodic game, so you might also want to pick up My Neighbor is a Yandere?! (Chapter 2) [NSFW] at the same price of $2.50, a 50% discount.


Shining Song Starnova [NSFW] ($22.50, 25% off) is a newer title that's also a hybrid game. This particular title combines elements of a management game with those of a visual novel. A crew of girls all want to be at the top of the pop idol food chain and you're the man in charge of them. As Mr. Producer, it's up to you to help them navigate the harsh reality of the entertainment industry. Help them with everything from running live shows and handling trouble behind the scenes - and you just might get to have a little fun on the side, too!

nutaku black friday pocket waifu half slice

Nutaku Black Friday Sale - Free-to-Play Games

Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored [NSFW] is a neat little idle-clicker game with dating sim mechanics. Start by picking up a job and a hobby to develop your skills. As you increase various different stats, you'll be able to date interesting women and get to know them a little better. Additional bundles are available in the in-game store for the Nutaku Black Friday sale.

Fap CEO [NSFW] has you managing your very own camgirl business. Interview new girls, hire them, and train them to wring as much money out of your customers as you possibly can. Once your company develops, you can sell it off for a fat payday and start a whole new organization! The Nutaku Black Friday sale adds a new girl named Kelly, some neat costumes, and a special chest that can be opened every hour for some neat rewards.


Pocket Waifu [NSFW] is a straight-up dating sim. After selling your soul to a succubus, you find yourself attracting the attention of beautiful girls. Meet their needs in a style similar to The Sims and build your relationship with them! You can earn in-game money (and the affection of your waifus) by playing nine deviously-challenging minigames. Black Friday brings a hot bath event, 75% off the Legendary Foam Biki, and a 20-50% discount on gem prices.

There's a little more to the Nutaku Black Friday sale than great deals on premium games and fun events in the free-to-play games. Players can pick up Nutaku Gold [NSFW] at some pretty serious discounts. There are three special one-time purchases available that might be right up your alley:

  • 37,000 Nutaku Gold for $300
  • 12,000 Nutaku Gold for $100
  • 3,500 Nutaku Gold for $30
Nutaku Gold is roughly equivalent to $1 for 100 gold so these are some pretty nice prices (especially on the higher end). It can be used for buying premium titles or for purchasing items in the platform's free-to-play offerings. You can also get a 1,000 gold starter pack for just 5 bucks.

That's it for our highlighted games from the Nutaku Black Friday sale! There are plenty more great adult games on offer, so be sure to pop over to the sale's promo page [NSFW] and see what other discounts you can get on some quality adult entertainment. Don't forget to pick up the free Nutaku Desktop Client for easy access to your games!


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What do you think of the games we highlighted for the Nutaku Black Friday sale? What would you recommend for a good time? Let us know in the comments below!