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Nutaku Announces Launch of Kimochi Red Light Crowdfunding Platform

February 7, 2017


Disclaimer: While this article doesn't feature any content that is Not Safe For Work, both Nutaku and Kimochi Red Light feature adult content and any links to either website should be considered NSFW.

The Canadian-based adult gaming website Nutaku has just announced the launch of their newest project, a crowdfunding platform for adult gaming. Named "Kimochi Red Light", Nutaku is aiming to create a platform for developers of adult games to have full reign over their projects, and not be censored by the policies and politics of other crowdfunding platforms.


The biggest appeal to Kimochi Red Light, however, is that the crowdfunding platform will not be taking any percentage of funding from campaigns hosted on the website; outside from payment processing chargers, developers will receive one hundred percent of their campaign funds. Additionally, Kimochi Red Light provides the option for both traditional "all or nothing" campaigns in the style of Kickstarter, or flexible funding found on Indiegogo.

Nutaku is very hopefully about the future success of their new project; Communications Manager Mia Mason had this to say about Kimochi Red Light:

"Kimochi Red Light is going to carve a new path for artists and game developers to create content as part of the rapidly emerging mature gaming market. Not only that but this platform is unlike any other because it's uncensored and uncompromising, just how art should be. We're thrilled to act as a non-profit catalyst for the industry and the gaming community."
Since the beta period earlier this year in January, numerous projects have met or exceeded their crowdfunding goals through Kimochi Red Light. At the time of writing this article, eight projects are currently live on the platform for interested gamers to back: Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news on projects and games from Nutaku and Kimochi Red Light.

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What are your thoughts on this new adult gaming platform? Do you like the approach Nutaku is taking with it? Let us know in the comment section below.