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Nutaku Announces Free-to-Play Strategic War Game Armor Blitz

July 18, 2017


Recently, Nutaku announced that it was adding a free-to-play browser title, Armor Blitz, to its lengthy catalog of adult gaming content. Armor Blitz had previously been debuted at Anime Expo(NSFW) earlier this month, as a part of Nutaku's "Wake Up Your Waifu" contest - winners of said contest would receive 10K in Nutaku Gold, and the chance to help design an Armor Blitz character.

Armor Blitz has a premise similar to anime such as Upotte!!, and Japanese game titles like Kantai Collection, re-imagining powerful war weapons as cute anime girls. Set in the mythical land of Valhalla, tanks, and guns that were destroyed during recent World Wars get a second chance to live out life, albeit anthropomorphized. However, the peace of their second life is shattered when a darkness called "The Corruption" appears, forcing the player into the role of a Valhallan commanding officer.

Core game play in Armor Blitz revolves around traditional, real-time strategic warfare gaming elements, as well as the utilization of traditional trading card game mechanics and visual novel romantic subplots.

Unlike many of the other titles Nutaku has hosted, Armor Blitz has two version available to play; an NSFW version and one (somewhat, kinda, sorta) safe for work, so that no matter where you are, you can still have access to this browser title.

A trailer for the game can be viewed below.

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What are your thoughts on Armor Blitz?  Will you be giving Nutaku's new adult gaming browser title a shot? Let us know in the comment section below.