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Nutaku Adds Visual Novel Bunny Bounce

March 7, 2017


Adults only online gaming platform Nutaku has announced its march games lineup and among the new titles on offer is Bunny Bounce. Dharker Studios' ecchi visual novel explores the perils of working with beautiful women when your libido is running wild. Protagonist Tomo's day job at the Beach Bounce resort is distracting enough at the best of times but after an accident that causes him to hallucinate at work, his carnal lust starts getting the better of him. Players will have to help Tomo navigate the pitfalls of work while dealing with his animal instincts when faced with colleagues who have suddenly taken to wearing nothing but lingerie and bunny ears. Can he maintain his grip on reality when surrounded by his wildest fantasies?

The developer describes the ecchi storyline of Bunny Bounce as short but fun and the game features branching paths with multiple endings to unlock. The tongue in cheek gameplay is also supported by a new original soundtrack in this Nutaku release and players will be treated to uncensored adult scenes with the game's bevy of beautiful anime ladies. You can meet the Beach Bounce resort's lineup; Yuuki, Sakura, Dr. Miaki, Chiasa, Asuki, and Aiko, in this official YouTube trailer and the game is available now through the Nutaku download page (definitely NSFW).


Bunny Bounce is available for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The predictably light system requirements are detailed below.

OS: Windows XP Processor: 1.66 Ghz Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX compatible card Storage: 1 GB available space


Mac and Linux versions feature the same hardware specs and will require at least Leopard 10.5.8 or Ubuntu 12.04, respectively.

Disclosure: Nutaku is a Partner with TechRaptor, offering our Pack Hunter members a monthly code that offers a discount on Nutaku games. TechRaptor also earns a commission from purchases made through Nutaku links. 


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