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Nutaku 6th Birthday Event Celebrates Lewd Gaming

January 21, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

The Nutaku 6th Birthday Event has arrived, giving you the opportunity to pick up premium lewd games at a discount while also enjoying some cool events and discounts in the adult gaming retailer's free-to-play games.

Nutaku is an adult gaming retailer with hundreds of free-to-play and premium titles available to play. It's now celebrating its 6th anniversary in traditional fashion: by running a special event with discounts on many of its games! Let's dive in!


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Nutaku 6th Birthday Event – Premium Game Discounts

The Nutaku 6th Birthday Event has a number of premium games available at a discount. As always, we've chosen a selection of games to highlight — check 'em out!


Forest Fortress [NSFW]

$4.50 / 450 Nutaku Coins (70% off)

A forest of puzzles and secrets is inhabited by mystical creatures and three exotic girls. Players can explore the story of this visual novel, ultimately arriving at one of the game's multiple endings. You'll also be able to enjoy 9 animated sex scenes.

Ghost Love [NSFW]

$4.50 / 450 Nutaku Coins (70% off)

Based on the Twitter comic Fade the Ghost [NSFW]Ghost Love is a game that's exactly what it says on the tin. Featuring two ghosts and four humans, this game is packed full of multiple sex scenes for you to enjoy.


Himeko Maid [NSFW]

$2.49 / 249 Nutaku Coins (50% off)

Four unique maids are available for you to woo in Himeko Maid, a game that's all about hot yuri action. Each route has three different endings and you can experience 8 fully uncensored and interactive sex scenes with the girls. Can you win the world's first Himeko Maid contest?

Treasure of a Blizzard: Total Whiteout [NSFW]

$3.00 / 300 Nutaku Coins (80% off)

Kang's father has mutinied against the empire, forcing our hero on a journey of repentance. You'll travel the land with your female companions, exploring a total of 10 alternate endings and some pretty steamy hentai art.

VR Katherine [NSFW]

$15.00 /  1,500 Nutaku Coins (25% off)

Our final highlight is VR Katherine, a game that aims to be the perfect girlfriend simulator. Katherine can be customized with 15 skin textures and 14 face presets (along with a whole bunch of outfits), letting you easily make your dream girlfriend in virtual reality.

That's it for our premium highlights, but these are just a few of the games that are available in the Nutaku 6th Birthday Event — check out all of the discounts on Nutaku's premium games [NSFW] for this event!


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Nutaku 6th Birthday Event – Free-To-Play Events and Discounts

Free-to-play gamers aren't being left out, mind! Dozens of browser-based and Android games are running special events and discounts in their respective spaces and six games have been highlighted as choice picks by Nutaku:

As with the premium games, these are just a handful of the adult free-to-play games running special events and discounts — check out the full list of the 88 games [NSFW] celebrating the Nutaku 6th Birthday Event with something special!

You'll be able to enjoy these special discounts and in-game events from now until January 28, 2021. If you're just interested in the newest stuff to come to the platform, you should take a look at Nutaku's newest releases Alice Re:code X and Tavern of Sins. Make sure to drop by the Nutaku 6th Birthday Event landing page [NSFW] to get a good idea of all of the great deals available right now!


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