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Nutaku 5th Birthday Celebration Has Events and Contests

January 23, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

The Nutaku 5th Birthday is here! One of the world's premier adult game distributors has been around for half a decade and they've racked up a pretty impressive catalog of adult games — and the user base to go with it.

As part of the Nutaku 5th Birthday celebrations, the company has a lot of stuff going on. There's in-game events, a neat breakdown of the company's history, and a chance to win a bunch of cool prizes!


In-Game Events for the Nutaku 5th Birthday

Kicking things off, there are several in-game events going on for Nutaku's adult titles. Completing these events will give you in-game rewards for a limited time!

Here are some of the highlighted games. (All links are, quite obviously, very Not Safe For Work.)


Five Years of Nutaku

A bunch of interesting stats have also been released as part of the Nutaku 5th birthday celebration. All of these stats are listed on their site, but we'll highlight some of the big ones here.

At this point in time, Nutaku has over 45 million registered users, many of whom contribute towards the more than 128 million monthly visits. Partnering with over 130 publishers, the adult game distributor has amassed a catalog of more than 400 adult-oriented games on their site.


Here are the top five games over the last five years:

  1. Kamihime Project R (5,600,000 players)
  2. Booty Calls (5,200,000 players)
  3. FAP CEO (5,000,000 players)
  4. Harem Heroes (4,100,000 players)
  5. Fake Lay (3,300,000 players)

Dating Sims are overwhelmingly the most popular genre (much to the surprise of pretty much nobody), with Action-Adventure and RPGs coming in a close second and third place, respectively. Also unsurprisingly, mobile user growth has been steadily increasing, currently making up 60% of the gamers on the site. You can see all of these stats on their dedicated webpage [NSFW].

Cool Contests and Promotions

Nutaku also has some neat contests going on and some pretty great discounts on games.

First things first, the Nutaku 5th birthday giveaway [NSFW] is currently underway. Players can win the following prizes:

  • 50 Winners will receive 5,000 Nutaku Gold (roughly equivalent to $50 store credit) for completing on-site quests.
  • 20 Winners will receive 1,000 Nutaku Gold for completing social media contests.
  • 1 Winner will receive 6 "Hentai Hot Sauce" bottles for social media contests.
  • Finally, a Gleam contest has the following prizes:
    • A Nutaku Anniversary T-shirt.
    • A Nutaku Printer Hat
    • A bottle of Hentai Hot Sauce.
    • A Nutaku Anniversary Hoodie.
    • A Prize Pack including all four items.

There are five days left to enter the giveaway, so don't sleep on it!

Lastly (but far from leastly), there are also a whole bunch of games on sale. Go ahead and check out the sales of the Nutaku 5th birthday celebration [NSFW]! If you've ever been curious about adult games, there's never been a better time to open up an incognito tab and jump in.

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What's your favorite Nutaku game? Do you like adult gaming in general or are you not a fan? Let us know in the comments below!