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New RPG Märchen Nocturne Free-To-Play On Nutaku

May 9, 2019

By: William Worrall

Nutaku has quite a library of adult free-to-play titles in their catalog already. Well, that library has just grown with the addition of Märchen Nocturne a new RPG set in a fairytale world filled with lewd versions of famous fantasy characters. The game also features voice acting, fully animated idle battles, 20+ uncensored sex scenes and a raid style, high HP boss fight to take part in every 2 hours.

Märchen Nocturne tells the story of a fairytale world, assaulted by a mysterious force which is driving all the people and animals crazy. As a man from the real world, you're accidentally recruited to save the day and return the fantasy world back to a state of peace and harmony. Complete the 20+ chapters of the story to discover the truth behind the magic which makes everyone go crazy, and unlock powerful characters inspired by the world's most famous fairytales.


Build your harem of fantasy characters to help you defeat the droves of horny monsters with an intense idle battling system which keeps the action going 24/7 even while you're sleeping! Each character has their own unique abilities and element attribute, as well as unique evolved forms for a huge array of different characters and abilities. Märchen Nocturne also features a great PvP mode to pit your team of characters up against other players to see who has constructed the best harem of magical girls.

Märchen Nocturne is available right now over at Nutaku and is totally free-to-play on iOS and Android.


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