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New Nutaku LGBTQ+ Section Offers More Variety In Adult Gaming

December 6, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

A new Nutaku LGBTQ+ section on the website of the adult-oriented digital game distributor is aiming to make it easier for people to find niche content. In addition, two new free-to-play games that fit LGBTQ+ themes are being added to the site today.

Nutaku is home to hundreds of adult-oriented video games for PC and Android. The storefront has a nice mix of both free-to-play and paid games, but it hasn't had much in the way of organization until now. The brand-new LGBTQ+ section makes it easier to find specialized content that fits your tastes.

The Nutaku LGBTQ+ section is split into Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender verticals. The Lesbian section has the most content with the Transgender section coming in a close second and the Gay section in the rear. A press release from the digital distributor has detailed two new games being added to the Gay vertical to better round it out.

Men Bang! [NSFW] has quite possibly the most hilarious trailer I've seen for any game ever. This free-to-play casual clicker lets you take on the role of a bunch of different jobs. For example, you can make yourself out to be a cab driver and... well, we've all seen our fair share of adult taxi videos, I'm sure. You can fill in the blanks on that one. This game was made in collaboration with [NSFW] and features digitally-drawn versions of real gay male adult entertainers.

The other game being added to the Gay vertical in the Nutaku LGBTQ+ section is Gay Harem [NSFW]Unsurprisingly, a core theme of the game is building up your very own harem of gay dudes. You can then buff up their stats and essentially have your gay harem battle against someone else's gay harem. No, really.

You can see what else is on offer by heading over to the Nutaku LGBTQ+ section yourself right now [NSFW]. Of course, the site also offers plenty of vanilla content - or even stranger content, if that's your thing - as both free-to-play and paid games.

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What do you think of the addition of three new Nutaku LGBTQ+ verticals to their site? Do you find it difficult to find LGBTQ+ adult games? Let us know in the comments below!