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New Downloadable Nutaku Games Now Available

April 28, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

There are some new downloadable Nutaku games available at the adult gaming retailer, including Making Lovers and several other games from Sakura.

If you're not familiar with Nutaku, it's a digital gaming retailer much like Steam but with a somewhat... specialized focus. And by "specialized," I mean "games filled with lewd adult content and anime tiddies."


Nutaku is perhaps best known for its offerings of dozens of free-to-play games [NSFW], but it also has a selection of premium titles available. Furthermore, a selection of games from both of these categories have downloadable versions available for PC, and that catalog of sexy games has just expanded with some new titles!

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What Are the New Downloadable Nutaku Games?

The new downloadable Nutaku games were announced via the company's Twitter account. It also took the time to highlight two titles from the many new offerings available.

Making Lovers — $29.99 / 2999 Nutaku Coins [NSFW]

Making Lovers is as wholesome as a story that you can get from a visual novel that also happens to have anime tiddies. After a long period of loneliness, our protagonist has a chance run-in with a super-cute girl that changes his life forever.


Players will be able to enjoy dating sim elements with five different girls to choose from, alongside the game's selection of quirky side characters and amusing dialogue.

Sakura Knight — $6.99 / 699 Nutaku Coins (30% Off) [NSFW]

A long time ago, the land of Lemuria was once plagued by the rule of the terrible demon queen Gunhild. The people of the land lived in fear until the mighty female knight Cressida destroyed her.

Peace has reigned for 30 years and the knights are no longer needed, but that's not going to stop Cressida's daughter Estelle from going out on an adventure of her own! Along the way, she'll be hoodwinked by a catgirl, hit on by an eleven princess, and discover the many fantastic delights of the world!

That's not all that's available, though! You can check out the new downloadable Nutaku games [NSFW] right now and see what else is available. There are dozens of games in nearly every conceivable genre, many of which also have some pretty decent gameplay alongside their respective rosters of sexy characters.


Don't forget to pre-register for the newest lewd free-to-play CCG War of Venus, too — this new game is likely to launch sometime in May 2020!

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