Elisa the Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives

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New Dating Sim Elisa the Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives Launches on Nutaku

June 21, 2017

By: Alexandria Brown

Neoclassic Games has released the sequel to their erotic visual novel dating sim, Elisa the Innkeeper. Now available on Nutaku, Elisa the Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives introduces players to five of the most beautiful women in Florence, Italy. It’s up to you to choose your path while staying at the inn and woo these attractive ladies.

Elisa the innkeeper: A new Customer Arrives
Two of the lovely ladies you can date in Elisa the Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives.


In Florence, Italy there is an inn known for employing five of the most attractive women in the entire city. They have a reputation for not taking any lovers but that all may change when a handsome protagonist checks in. Players will assume the role of a famous young nobleman cable of winning the hearts of these elusive and alluring ladies.

Elisa the Innkeeper: A New Customer Arrives uses interactive dialogue that determines the reaction of each character and allows players to influence the story's outcome. You can be good or bad, it’s up to you. You can even unlock personality traits further shaping the protagonist’s behavior. Overall there are over 40 primary and secondary choices to make. All of this content will provide you with hours of gameplay.


The game features high-definition, uncensored art by award winning artists. 2015 Last Draw nationwide anime-style illustration competition winner Ria has provided over 15 locations and backgrounds. 2015 Latin-American Manga Contest winner Bicio created over 30 pieces of sexy artwork for the game. There is even more secret artwork and bonus scenes available in the art gallery. Music from the soundtrack can also be unlocked and listened to.

The developers are planning on adding more downloadable content to the visual novel in the future. This DLC will include quests and additional acts to expand the story. Elisa the innkeeper: A new Customer Arrives is available on Nutaku now for Mac and PC costing $15.


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