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Naughtiness and Strategy Card Battles Combine in Nutaku's Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena-

September 27, 2018

By: Andrew Stretch

The Pre-registration period is over and now those looking forward to Nutaku's new game Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena- are able to head over to the official site and start planning through the story. Those who were lucky enough to pre-register are even starting their adventure off with an exclusive card. This game is based off the Taimanin Asagi VN series.

The game takes place in a dark future where demons and ghouls are no longer the things of fairytales and nightmares. While there was a deal in place between the humans and demons the peace that once was is degrading. Gangs have begun to spring up, made of both humans and demons wreaking havoc and plunging the world into chaos. The only force to stop them is a government agency filled with ninjas known as The Taimanin.


taimanin asagi deck building

Throughout this game you'll be collecting these Taimanin to add to your ranks, leveling them up and allowing you to stop the chaos approach. When you're not collecting your Taimanin through the game's gatcha system there is also a full quest system, special challenges, an arena to take on friend and foes, a friend system that you hopefully won't ruin in the Arena, and it wouldn't be a Nutaku title without a Discipline mode. Once you spend time with your Taimanin expect to make all kinds of special collections.


If you're interested in learning more about the title or to start playing be sure to head over to their official page, be warned though it is NSFW.

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Are you excited for the official release of Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena-? Are you looking forward to heading through the questline, or are you more looking forward to asserting your dominance in the Arena?