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Mutiny!! A New Fetish Filled Visual Novel on Nutaku

June 16, 2017

By: Alexandria Brown

A new adult visual novel called Mutiny!! has launched on Nutaku. Developed by Lupiesoft, this VN lets players set sail for erotic adventures in a mystical land.  From monster girls to futanari 18+ gamers can experience a variety of fetishes through Mutiny!!.



The story starts with the promiscuous main character having a fateful run-in with a pirate captain only to have the role of a ship's captain thrust upon them. Outfitted with a captain’s hat and coat the crew, entirely made up of sexy but inept pirate girls, immediately accepts you as their leader. As the pirate ships newfound captain it’s up to you to get the enterprise out of debt and figure out what to do with this ragtag group of seafarers.

Together they’ll explore a magical world full of interesting creatures, valuable treasure, and titillating encounters. On their adventures, they’ll visit 12 different locations by air and sea and can even journey to different realms by entering the mysterious flogistan. In their search for treasure, they’ll explore mysterious ruins protected by animated guardians, find dangerous dungeons and engage in combat. More than just a series of erotic encounters, Mutiny!! Includes a lot of puzzle-based gameplay whether in solving their way through dungeons or outsmarting enemies in ship combat.


Travel the sky , sea, even other realms.

Mutiny!! features 11 different girls to encounter and 5 monster girls that can be romanced. Focusing on fetishes like monster girls, futanari and size difference, players will get to make social decisions along the way that will influence their relationships and the game’s ending. Lupiesoft will be adding even more characters to the game soon.


The PC game has uncensored high-definition intimate scenes and illustrations as well as charming music. It is available DRM-free for Mac, Linux and Windows. You can download Mutiny!! Now for $20.00 on Nutaku,net.

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