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The Most Forbidden Love in the World Now Live on MangaGamer

May 16, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

The Most Forbidden Love in the World is now live on MangaGamer! This newly-translated adult visual novel has finally arrived after being announced for the digital distribution service last month. Now you can pick up this excellent romantic tale at a pretty good price!

In this particular game from the author of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Yoshimura Osamu has lost his job and is down on his luck. Spending the last of his money at the bar, he stumbles into a unique situation that sees him living at a boarding house filled with a strange cast of characters. A press release has announced that The Most Forbidden Love in the World is now available to purchase right now!


Here's the cast of characters in The Most Forbidden Love in the World:

  • Yoshimura Osamu (protagonist): The 30-years-minus-13-months-old protagonist of the story. A timid and spineless man easily swayed by his emotions, Osamu’s wretched luck cursed him to a life of being constantly used and deceived by those with a hidden motive.
  • Hinosaka Mitoko: A girl who used to live alone with her mother, but after the latter elopes with an unknown man, suddenly becomes the landlord of a run-down boarding house called Terrace House Hinosaka.
  • Kouno Asami: Mitoko’s homeroom teacher. A striking and approachable beauty who is quite popular among her students and peers.
  • Amagi Kaya: A co-worker at Osamu’s new company. She comes off as an apathetic, laid-back person who lives in her own world.
  • Sawashima Himeo: A wealthy university student living at the mansion neighboring the Terrace House Hinosaka. She is also the daughter to one of the biggest real estate magnates in the country.
  • Hinosaka Honoka: Introduces the protagonist, Osamu, to the Terrace House Hinosaka but disappears soon after, leaving her daughter, Mitoko, behind. A caring and gentle woman who unfortunately tends to be easily swayed by the tears of men.
It certainly seems like an interesting enough story. You can buy The Most Forbidden Love in the World at MangaGamer [NSFW] at a price of $34.95 or your regional equivalent.

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What do you think of The Most Forbidden Love in the World? Does the story appeal to you, or do you think the "boarding house with wacky roommates" plot is overdone? Let us know in the comments below!