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The Most Forbidden Love in the World Comes to MangaGamer This May

April 19, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

Aside from the recent launch of Trinoline, MangaGamer has also announced that another game will be making its way to the digital distribution service in just a couple of weeks. The Most Forbidden Love in the World is a visual novel from Japanese developer Hermit that is officially making its way West for the first time ever. You'll be able to grab it yourself on MangaGamer in just a couple of weeks!

In The Most Forbidden Love in the World, 28-year-old Yoshimura Osamu finds himself down on his luck after spending the last bits of his money at a bar. A chance encounter with a strikingly-beautiful woman opens up the opportunity for him to stay at a boarding house on the cheap. Yoshimura decides to head over there and confess his love for the woman, only to find that she's run off with another man and left her daughter in charge of the business!


Throughout the course of the game, Yoshimura will have to contend with his diminutive new landlord, a bunch of strange neighbors, and the somewhat confusing (and occasionally unwelcome) advances of his coworker at a new job that he managed to find. Somewhere in there, players will get the chance for a bit of romance with an adult twist if they manage to say just the right things.

You can preorder or pick up The Most Forbidden Love in the World on MangaGamer [NSFW] at a 15% launch discount $29.70 or your regional equivalent. The game will eventually return to its retail price of $34.95.


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