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MangaGamer Running A Valentine's Tale

February 5, 2021

By: William Worrall

MangaGamer is doing their best to stop weebs from feeling too lonely this Valentine's Day. From now until February 19th, you'll be able to find some of the best deals on the site's top games, some with up to 50% off. 

MangaGamer's Valentine's Sale Event

If you're into the famous Vance series then you're in luck. Right now both Rance 01+02 and Rance VI + 5D collections are available for 25/30% respectively,  so if you've recently got into the latest release from the famous H-game series then you can go back and see where it all started out. You can also visit Rance on his trip to Japan in Sengoku Rance which is 20% off.


There are also some big discounts on some less well-known games too, such as the hilariously titled Cum on! Bukkake Ranchin which you must farm elements from monster girls the only way an H-game protagonist knows how. If you're interested in a more straight-up visual novel then you may want to try out The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era, a VN about a science-club staffed exclusively by cute girls. Into tabletop gaming? Then Boob Wars: Big Breasts Vs Flat Chests is a card game with the H-game twist that you've probably been looking for. The best part is that all 3 of these games have a whopping 50% off. 

Also at 50% off is the classic adult gaming title Demon Master Chris which combined dungeon crawling and erotic content.


Sale Ends February 19th

Those are only a few of the deals currently available in the Valentine's Sale event. Overall there are nearly 40 games with some huge discounts, so if you've been waiting for an excuse to finally drop a few bucks on that H-game you've been saving up for now is the perfect time to do it. 

You can get more information about all the games in the sale over at MangaGamer's website


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What do you think about MangaGamer's latest sale event? Will you be dropping a little cash on some of these H-games? Let us know in the comments below.