Indie Adult RPG Ouroboros Released on Nutaku

November 6, 2016

By: Brandon Bobal

TechRaptor site partner Nutaku has, in a press release, just announced the release of a new adult role-playing game. Titled Ouroboros, this game comes to us from indie game developer Sierra Lee, who has also worked on a couple other adult RPGs in Noxian Nights and The Last Sovereign. The version of Ouroboros that this press release concerns is an updated commercial version of the free-to-play game that can be found on the developer's website.

Ouroboros is described using the standard RPG genre cliches; a princess needs rescuing from the game's villain, monsters roam the land and impede the hero's progress, and various love interests vie for the hand of the hero. However, the use of standard genre cliches is a deliberate narrative decision on Sierra Lee's part to mask the real story; Sierra Lee promises to "twist expectations for quest games", and that they've "turned the genre on its head, while still being an enjoyable RPG to the core. The game invites players to break the rules, work with the villains, and have a lot of sexy fun as they get deeper into the true story".


Readers can purchase Ouroboros from Nutaku for $13.50, 0r 1350 Nutaku Gold, from the Nutaku storefront (NSFW, and affiliate); all adult scenes and content are uncensored, and the game itself is DRM-free. It should be noted that this price is only for the launch period - the game will normally cost $15, or 1500 Nutaku Gold, but has a launch discount of 10%. It's unknown how long the launch discount will remain in effect for, so take advantage of it while you can.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information on Ouroboros and other games from Sierra Lee and Nutaku.


Disclosure: TechRaptor occasionally uses affiliate links from Nutaku and they also provide perks for our “Pack Hunter” membership level

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