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Idle Clicker Kink. Inc. Opens Pre-Registration on Nutaku

July 28, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku is getting ready to kick off yet another free-to-play game and this one is going to be interesting. The Kink Inc. pre-registration program is here, bringing you the second game ever from the Booty Farm developers Tender Troupe.

If you're unfamiliar with Tender Troupe, they made a neat little clicker game called Booty Farm. That game is basically Farmville with anime tiddies — a combination that was certainly a driving factor in it being a runaway success. Now, Tender Troupe is back with their second game!


In Kink Inc., players are taking on the role of Mr. Dick Ruffa not-so-subtly named entrepreneur with a penchant for starting up lucrative sex businesses. You'll open up various dens of iniquity to turn a profit and hire the hottest girls you can find to work for you!

Of course, this is a Nutaku game, so you can expect a treasure trove of adult content for the man of culture to enjoy. Players can enjoy more than 50 uncensored sex scenes as they progress through this free-to-play game!


Nutaku Kink Inc. Pre-Registration slice

What Do You Get with Kink Inc. Pre-Registration?

The Kink Inc. pre-registration campaign is pretty straightforward. It's not using any kind of tier system like some other games had at their launch or anything like that.


Instead, all you have to do is pre-register for the game and you'll score 50 Influence tokens for use in the game right when it launches! That's it!

This wasn't the only Nutaku game to recently open up a pre-registration program, either — make sure you check out MagicAMI DX, too!

When is the Kink. Inc. Release Date?

Now that you can pre-register for this game, when is it going to come out? As always, Nutaku doesn't announce the specific launch date of its games in pre-registration.

That said, we typically see these anime tiddy titles launch within a few weeks at most — you'll probably be able to start building your very own naughty empire before the end of Summer 2020. Don't forget, though — this is a free-to-play game. That means that you can spend a few bucks if you want to speed things up.


In any case, you should go ahead and submit your Kink Inc. pre-registration right now on Nutaku [NSFW] so you can be ready to play this new naughty game on day one! In the meantime, why not keep yourself busy by playing Tender Troupe's Booty Farm for free [NSFW]? If you get stuck, we've got the tips & tricks you need to know to succeed and a guide on the best items to sell.

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