Ella 2048 Triple Screenshots

Highly Anticpated Puzzle RPG Ella 2048 Hits Nutaku

February 26, 2021

By: William Worrall

Nutaku has just dropped the most highly anticipated 3D Android-based smut game of the year, exclusively on their site. The title, Ella 2048, is a puzzle-RPG that features highly-detailed 3D models, amazing gameplay, and can only be enjoyed on your Android smartphone. 

Ella 2048

For a smut game, Ella 2048 features a surprisingly relevant story. In the future year of 2048, rising levels of inequality have given way to large-scale biochemical warfare amongst the most greedy and powerful people on earth. This constant warfare has taken its toll on earth, and now dangerous mutant creatures roam the lands. The only way to fight back is using genetically engineered humans called Ellas.


You must build your team of Ellas and journey into the world to take down these creatures. Collect a team of 10 and take part in thrilling puzzle-based battles to destroy your enemies. You'll also be presented with amazing comic-style cutscenes, 50 hot Ellas to collect, and more than 150 high-quality sex scenes to enjoy. As the name implies, the gameplay is very similar to 2048, a puzzle game where you must combine matching numbers to try and increase them by sliding them around a field or grid. 

Fighting And Love On The Battlefield

Each of the 50 girls you can unlock in Ella 2048 has their own love story that you can discover as you become closer to them. You'll also unlock the sex scenes which is almost certainly what you're actually after if you're playing the game. There's also a gatchapon-style element to collecting the characters which can be pretty addictive itself, so it's a double whammy of addicting gameplay and a desire to see hot naked ladies. 


If you want to get your hands on the game you can download it now for free from the game's page over on Nutaku

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