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Get Lost in Army Gals, a New Sexy Visual Novel on Nutaku

April 17, 2017

By: Alexandria Brown

A new adult visual novel from indie devs Dharker Studio called Army Gals has launched on Nutaku. The game combines adventure, survival and erotic elements in a traditional visual novel format. Three unique and beautiful girls to acquaint yourself with await gamers in this sexy VN.

Army Gals
One of your fellow delinquents in Army Gals.


The game’s protagonist is sent to a wilderness camp for delinquents after an incident at home and dreads the experience. That is until he realizes that he’ll be attending the retreat with three attractive women. The delinquents will have two weeks to get to know each other and get up to no good.

The plan was for the disobedient young people to be reformed from their bad behavior while attending a two week retreat in the wilderness but things don't go according to plan. The group ends up stranded in the wilderness with the camp staff nowhere to be found and it’s up to players to guide them back to safety. In addition to surviving in the middle of nowhere gamers will also have to navigate the complicated path of a woman’s heart as they encounter different events on their way back to civilizaation. Along the way they’ll find out some of their companion’s intriguing secrets and engage in new sexual experiences.


Army Gals
What tantalizing secret is this edgy bad girl hiding?

Army Gals features exploration style gameplay with a dynamic storyline. With NSFW animated sex scenes, plenty of CG scenes and attractive characters, players will have multiple alternative routes to travel. As the story unfolds secrets and plot twists will keep things interesting.


Available for Windows, Mac and Linux Army Gals is available on Nutaku for 18+ gamers at $13.00. Take a look at some NSFW screenshots of the game before deciding if this erotic, interactive story is for you. Survive the wilderness and win the heart of a unique and beautiful girl in this recently released adult visual novel.

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