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Fantasy Girls With Huge... Tracts of Land

MangaGamer has announced the upcoming release of Funbag Fantasy 2, a sequel to Funbag Fantasy that continues your adventures with a bunch of generously-endowed anime girls.

In the Kingdom of Hillsland, daemons and humans still live side by side. Poverty amongst the daemon population is increasing with the  adoption of money, causing some of them to assault moneylenders. These problems and other incidents are causing strife between humans and daemons.

As Ruin Dimidium, you'll be playing the role of a student at the Royal Abbey. Considered a problem student, you've been appointed as a military captain in the distant hamlet of Boobshire. You'll have to arrest a gang of bandits while commanding a party of daemons as your subordinates, but you can't exactly trust them considering how things have been going lately...

Will you be able to overcome the problems of inter-species relations? You'll be able to find out when Funbag Fantasy 2 launches on November 21, 2019.

Funbag Fantasy 2 Dark Elf

Funbag Fantasy 2 Pre-Orders Now Open

Pre-orders for Funbag Fantasy 2 are now open on MangaGamer and Steam in advance of its November 21, 2019, release date.

If you've never played this franchise before, you can pick up the original Funbag Fantasy [NSFW]  and Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story [NSFW] on MangaGamer at the price of $44.99 or your regional equivalent for each.

As for this new game, you can pre-order Funbag Fantasy 2 on MangaGamer [NSFW] for $40.45, a 10% launch discount off of its normal price of $44.95. Alternatively, you can add this game to your wishlist on Steam [NSFW].

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What do you think of Funbag Fantasy 2? Do you enjoy skimpy outfits in fantasy games, or do you prefer more realism? Let us know in the comments below!

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