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Flaming Kingdom Brings Furious Battles and Sexy Vixens to Android

June 12, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Adult gaming distributor Nutaku has just launched another free-to-play game, and this one is making its debut on Android! Flaming Kingdom is the latest and greatest mobile game from the same developer who brought you the recently-released Tits of Fury and War of Venus, and it looks like it's got a lot of fun to offer!

In Flaming Kingdom, players are given command of a bunch of mighty warriors! This cast of battle-hardened beauties and handsome hunks are ready to do battle — and they might just be keen on a little romance, too.


Nutaku Flaming Kingdom gameplay
Lest we forget, Nutaku games also include gameplay. They've got hit points and everything.

This newest Nutaku game merges multiple genres into one entertainment experience. Combat is carried out in the game using ARPG-style gameplay, but what you do in that combat is determined through a collectible card game system. The dozens of cards made available at launch can be combined in thousands of different ways, opening the door for a lot of fun combos!

Of course, this is a Nutaku game — the preview trailer details quite a few steamy sex scenes that are included in this game! Interestingly, there are both male and female playable characters instead of the usual faceless protagonist; that certainly makes for something a little different than we usually see.


Play Flaming Kingdom on Android for Free at Nutaku Right Now!

This brand-new Nutaku game tries to do an interesting blend of two different genres into one neat package, so it's probably worth checking it out! As always, do keep in mind that this is a free-to-play game — you should expect there to be premium currency and/or other ways that you can spend a few bucks to advance your progress in this Android game a little bit faster.

If this seems like the kind of game you'd love to play on your phone, you should go play Flaming Kingdom for free on Nutaku [NSFW] right now! Don't forget to also check out Tits of Fury from the same developer, another cool game that you can also play for free!


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