Fight Sci-Fi Card Battles With Beefy Brawlers In Nutaku's Vixen Clash

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Fight Sci-Fi Card Battles With Beefy Brawlers In Nutaku's Vixen Clash

November 6, 2018

By: Robert N. Adams

Adult video game distributor Nutaku has announced the release of the card battle game Vixen Clash according to a press release.

Vixen Clash begins akin to many other sci-fi stories: you're a captain in command of a starship enjoying all of the interesting amenities that space travel has to offer. Unfortunately, Commander John Strong gets a bit, er, distracted by his attractive First Mate and fails to notice that the Starship Bayonet is on a crash course with a habitable planet.

Commander Strong awakens to find that he's being forced to fight in gladiatorial battles. These battles are represented in a gameplay system that combines A.I.-driven beat 'em up battles with collectible card game mechanics.

nutaku vixen clash gameplay
Cards are summoned onto the board in Vixen Clash and then they'll attack enemy units or the enemy base. Usernames concealed to protect the innocent.

Your tutorial match gives you a respectable kit of cards to make use of. These cards can be individually deployed on the board to either defend against enemy attackers or directly assault the enemy base. If you need a bit more power, you can drag one card onto the other to power the second card up a level.

Lest we forget, Vixen Clash is a Nutaku title. That means that there are surely some sultry scenes for you to enjoy. This game makes use of visual-novel style storytelling with images; you can unlock further story progression by collecting heart tokens through normal gameplay or picking them up in the shop.

Since Vixen Clash is a card battle game, you can expect to have the ability to open additional card packs. It seems relatively fair with how it hands out free goodies at first glance. Cards can be powered up on their own if you like the ones that you have on hand. Of course, this is also a free-to-play game so you can toss the developer and Nutaku a few bucks to expand your collection.

I played a few rounds and it seemed like a surprisingly fun game. If you'd like to give Vixen Clash a fair shake, you can play it for free on Nutaku [NSFW] right now.

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What do you think of Vixen Clash? Does the combination of a beat 'em up and card battle game appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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