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Exclusive: Nutaku Investing in Ghana Developer Epic Works' Project

March 3, 2017

By: Andrew Stretch

Nutaku, Japanese Adult Gaming Platform, has announced that they have just started backing the 16 person team at Epic Works as part of their $10m investment in adult games. This team, based in Accra, Ghana are going to be using this support to not only continue developing and growing their work and company but will also now be able to hire more local developers through this expansion. Nutaku noted that due to Ghana's usually conservative nature Epic Works were an anomaly not only creating video games but creating anime and hentai games.

In Episicava you follow Arin Arlento, a man with the ability to "emulate all the abilities of other races in the world." Starting as a cold-hearted character traveling with five heroines he is able to change his ways and become a true hero. Epic Works ran a Kimochi Red Light campaign (Link NSFW) to fund adult content for Episicava, where they raised $1740, falling somewhat short of their target but still raising funds to help the studio to continue work. However, we have recently been told by Nutaku that they are working with the Epic Works team to extend the Kimochi Red Light campaign and allow the team to get further funding through the platform. Details for this are being finalized but you should expect to see it soon.


Epic Works has stressed that they have the ability and plans to fund the project through other means if necessary but would rather not. They are also planning on a Kickstarter to support and enhance the All-Ages version of Episicava.

Nutaku is investing up to $10K USD in Epic Works as part of Nutaku's plan to help nurture the continued development of mature online games. The first project that Epic Works plans to complete with this new level of stability is to finish Episicava, their anime visual novel, and publish it on Nutaku. We reached out to Nutaku for more information and got some from Nutaku's Communications Manager, Mia Mason:


TR: How did this affect the Kimochi campaign and was it influenced with it falling below its target? Nutaku: The investment is in no way affected by the Kimochi campaign, we invest into studios expecting them to also be invested. This ensures a quality product for the end user. They tie their success to the IP just as much as Nutaku.

TR: Related to that, what will happen if Epic Works All-Ages version Kickstarter in March fails with the project? Nutaku: They will be releasing an all ages version to make the product accessible to as many people as possible. Nutaku’s strength lies in the adult space so that is where we invest our money and that is our main area of concern.


TR: How much is Nutaku investing in Epic Works? Nutaku: We have given an advance upwards of USD $10K but cannot go into specifics due to confidentiality.

TR: Is Nutaku lining up other partnerships in Ghana? Nutaku: Currently Epic Works is the only gaming studio in Ghana producing this type of quality product. We are in discussions to help fund the development of the industry in this part of the world. We are always open to hearing people ideas and stories on how to help game development flourish in Ghana.

TR: Would it be possible to get some general details of the agreement to help show how Nutaku's partnerships work? I'm presuming that the 4month period on Nutaku only is part of it, but are there any other particular terms you can share with us? Nutaku: The investment is an advance on sales. The money is recouped through the initial sales of the game. The title will be exclusive to Nutaku for a 4 month period, afterwards, Epic Works’ title will be available through any other distribution channel they would like to use. The recoup period will continue after the 4 months of exclusivity have expired.

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What do you think of Nutaku planning on funding similarly minded projects? Are you excited to think of more aspiring developers being granted these opportunities?