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Echo Tokyo: Phoenix is Nutaku's Newest Cyberpunk Visual Novel

March 27, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

Adult-oriented game publisher Nutaku has released a brand-new premium visual novel! Titled Echo Tokyo: Phoenix, it places players into a cyberpunk dystopia where humanity is on the brink of destruction. Players will take control of Shizune, a "fixer" who is trying to navigate the harsh realities of a future where lawlessness prevails.

Echo Tokyo: Phoenix is a pretty straightforward visual novel taking place in the titular futuristic city. There's a bit more to the game than just reading, though—your choices matter and they will have an effect on your journey through the story. There are plenty of hazards to deal with, and you'll only survive through cleverness and careful use of subterfuge. Of course, Echo Tokyo: Phoenix is a Nutaku game so you can expect more than your fair share of adult-oriented content. There are more than a few sultry CG scenes for players to enjoy at their leisure.


This particular story has been put together by Dharker Studio, a veteran game development studio that specialized in adult-oriented games. Their other works include Negligee: Love StoriesStarlight Drifter, and Galaxy Girls. Dharker Studio was one of the developers who was affected by a slew of e-mails from Steam last year threatening takedowns on video games with adult content in them.

If you're down to try out a new visual novel, you can grab Echo Tokyo: Phoenix on Nutaku right now [NSFW]. It's available for PC, Mac, and Linux at a price of $11.90 / 1,190 Nutaku Coins, a 15% discount off of its normal price of $14.00.


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What do you think of Echo Tokyo: Phoenix? Do you enjoy stories set in a cyberpunk setting or do you think the genre is getting a little flooded these days? Let us know in the comments below!