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Cute Girls Develop Games In Sakura Gamer, Now on Nutaku

October 19, 2017

By: Kyle Johnson

Following its all-ages release on Steam, Winged Cloud has brought their latest visual novel, Sakura Gamer(NSFW), to adult gaming website Nutaku(NSFW). The 20th game in the Sakura franchise follows three female game developers in their early 20s in a lewd coming-of-age tale. Sayo is a computer repair technician who always dreamt of making video games for a living, but left those aspirations behind as she grew up.

Called "Nekohime" by her friends, she goes about her boring life until her childhood friend Clover introduces her to the mysterious-yet-seductive Suki. The three agree to come together to make the games they'd always dreamed of, and maybe find love in the process. Channeling the Sakura series' trademark visual style, Sakura Gamer promises a cheeky, self-referential story with a hefty dose of girl-on-girl action and multiple endings to see.


In addition to all of its scenes, adult or otherwise, being wholly uncensored, the Nutaku version of Sakura Gamer comes DRM-free, and is available on both Windows and Linux. Do note that English is the only language supported in the Nutaku version.

Sakura Gamer regularly sells for $10 USD (NSFW) or 1000 Nutaku Gold, but is currently 10% off for the next week, in celebration of their launch.


Sakura Gamer story pic

Winged Cloud has been known for almost exclusively producing the Sakura series of games, with fifteen such games on Steam at the moment. Development is funded primarily via Winged Cloud's Patreon, with Sekai Project currently providing publishing support. The next game set to be released by Winged Cloud is titled Legends of Talia: Arcadia, due to release later this month. Nutaku itself made strides in crowdfunding adult games earlier this year, with the launch of the Kimochi Red Heart platform, which ensures all money raised in crowdfunding goes towards the developers.


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