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Comix Harem From Nutaku Out Now

June 17, 2021

By: William Worrall

According to certain people, sex and comic heroes just don't mix. Well, Nutaku is here to try and prove you wrong with their latest free-to-play title, Comix Harem, a game putting you in the boots of Wildman, a superhero whose main ability involves being able to use his junk like some sort of superpower battery. 

Comix Harem Is A Blend Of Comics, Video Games, And Pop Culture

The latest title from Nutaku, Comix Hero, is an adult-themed superhero story about an up-and-coming superhero with a very particular gift. Basically, he can recharge another hero's powers by having sex with them, quite a convenient power for the star of an adult-oriented story to have really. You take the role of the young hero and must screw your way across the city, saving heroes from their own lack of powers by doing what you do best. As you go, you acquire an ever-growing harem of lady superheroes who are dependant on your super sperm. 


The gameplay of Comix Harem is a blend of an actual comic book that you have to read through to make progress and a sort of superhero management simulator where you have to buy equipment and gifts for your team while training them to be the best heroes they can be. Of course, as you train them they'll also grow more affectionate towards you and reward you with various sexy scenes for you to watch. 

Nutaku - Comix Harem Gameplay
There are plenty of events to keep you entertained while playing Comix Harem

More Modes, And Events

The fun doesn't stop there. As well as the main storyline about the adventures of Wildman and his harem, you also have various limited-time events, as well as a side mode that has you squaring off against other superhero teams to see who comes out on top. This mode allows you to unlock extra rewards to make your team even stronger, not to mention gives you the chance to see how your team compares with others of a similar level to your own. 


You can check out Comix Harem right now on Nutaku's website. You can access the game on both PC and Mobile browsers, and it's completely free-to-play.

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