ChronoClock Coming To Nutaku In Partnership With Sekai Project

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ChronoClock Coming To Nutaku In Partnership With Sekai Project

February 22, 2017

By: Andrew Stretch

Today Nutaku has announced that it will be releasing ChronoClock exclusively via its Adult gaming portal. ChronoClock (content NSFW) was originally developed by Purple Software and was published by Denpasoft studios, and it is an adaptation from the popular Sekai Project. It isn't just a game that this partnership is bringing either, as ChronoClock will be "the first of many titles signifying the partnership between Nutaku and Sekai Project." The two companies originally started working together as they both saw the potential in growing the number of English releases of Japanese adult games. While there was some contention about poor translations or games never being completed, Nutaku is working to ensure that each title gets delivered.

In this new title ChronoClock, you follow the life of Rei Sawatari, a boy who with the power of his grandfather's pocket watch has the ability to travel back in time five minutes at a time. Being a visual novel, a lot of the game will be experiencing the encounters that Rei has along the way while also being able to influence some of those decisions. It is because of being able to select Rei's responses along the way that the game will feature a variety of alternate endings, which also promotes replayability as you decide to pursue another path.

ChronoClock is set up as a school-based romantic comedy whereas the protagonist you might find yourself in a variety of mature situations. The entire game is filled with Japanese illustrations, bringing the story to life as you dabble in time and hunt for a girlfriend. The full game including all of the different alternate endings is said to take around 30 hours to complete, all of which are filled with full Japanese voice acting. ChronoClock will be available to purchase for $40 (content NSFW) when it releases on the 28th of February. An "All-Ages" version of ChronoClock will also be releasing for Steam, but at this time no further information has been revealed about its release.

Disclosure: Nutaku provides perks (30% monthly discount on 1 item) for TechRaptor Pack Hunter members and TechRaptor participates in an affiliate linking program with the company.

What do you think of the story of ChronoClock? Are you excited to see more from the partnership between Nutaku and Sekai Project?

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