Nutaku PC cover PC Version Launchs on Nutaku

October 1, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams

Adult gaming retailer Nutaku has finally launched the PC version on its website, bringing this tower tycoon game to desktop computers following its initial release on Android. first launched on Nutaku in late August 2020. This game has players discover that they are the sole survivor heir of a real estate empire, entitling them to continue the family business. Unfortunately, you have no idea what you're doing and you're going to have to build your skills from the ground up.


Nutaku PC gameplay works just as well on PC as it does on Android, but the background image makes it a little hard to keep things lowkey.

Players start the game off with a basic building and a handful of lovely employees. Your first few minutes will be centered on manually clicking on the girls to make them perform actions, but you can soon hire managers to automate the process. From there, you can continue to expand your empire — and you'll also unlock some hot sex scenes with the ladies, some of which are animated.

The game has been live on Android for the last several weeks following a quiet soft launch period. Now, the PC version has arrived for fans to enjoy without all of the hassle of having to sideload an app.


Get Big in the Business World with the PC Release!

If you like idle clicker games or games where you can manage buildings, Nutaku's newest PC release might be the thing for you! As always, you should keep in mind that this is a free-to-play release — that means that players can spend a few bucks to speed up their gameplay if they so choose.

Go ahead and give this game a try — you can play for free on Nutaku [NSFW] right now! You can also grab the game on Android. If managing a real estate empire isn't your sort of thing, perhaps you'd like to try running your own sexy airline instead.


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