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Booty Farm Items Guide - The Best Items for Booty Farm Selling

May 5, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

Farmville was (and still is) a wildly popular game, so it isn't surprising that adult-oriented video game distributor Nutaku brought for their own version of the game. Money is just as important in this game and you might want to know what the best Booty Farm items are for making money. Our Booty Farm Selling Guide has you covered!


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Booty Farm Selling Guide - How to Make Money with the market

While you can certainly make a fair amount of money by fulfilling shipments, the best way to make money is by selling Booty Farm items through the in-game market. Don't get confused — this isn't some kind of auction house where you sell to other players. Rather, the in-game market is a sort of simulation of market demands.

Buy Low, Sell High

Each and every one of the Booty Farm items has a low price and a high price. The first thing you should remember is a staple of economics: buy low, sell high. If you see an item worth selling that you know is below the market value, buy it and turn it right around for its maximum value.

Sell Items 10 at a Time and at the Highest Price

You can sell a maximum of 10 items at a time in the market. When you do make a sale, you can't really cancel it without spending some crystals which is a waste in its own right. Always sell your Booty Farm items 10 at a time and always sell them for the maximum amount of money. You want to make the most of each of your slots!

Avoid Purchasing Items that are Difficult to Craft

We have a list further on in this guide of which items are the best to sell in our Booty Farm selling guide. While there are often some high-value items on sale in the market, you only have so much space in your storage. Don't buy anything that's a good deal; instead, keep it to the items that you can easily craft!

Only Fulfill the Minimum Amount of Shipments Needed

The main way of progressing in the game is by fulfilling shipments to the game's various girls. You're probably going to want to keep leveling up the girls, but you'll eventually hit a point where there are no more pictures to unlock. At that point, the only thing you want to concern yourself with is getting your five daily keys to get a treasure chest.

There are also occasionally special events in the game. Once again, you should focus on completing these as fast as possible so you can unlock all of the cool rewards. Once you've completed the event, return to selling items as proscribed in the next section.


Build Up a Stockpile of Items to Sell

It takes roughly 22–26 hours for items to sell in the market. In the meantime, you should be focusing on crafting more items to sell. If you have 5 slots in the market, you should be able to generate 5 stacks of 10 items to sell within 22–26 hours. If you find yourself producing more items than you can sell at the market, you probably need to buy some more slots to increase the pace of your selling!

Spend your Crystals Wisely

Crystals are the premium currency in Booty Farm. If you take away anything from this Booty Farm selling guide, it should be this: spend your Crystals wisely. Your first focus should be on expanding the buildings necessary for generating items. After you have 4–6 slots for each of the important buildings, spend your excess currency on buying more slots in the market.

Pay special attention to the market when you purchase new slots. Additional slots will cost your more Crystals, so make sure that you buy the cheapest ones first!


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Booty Farm Items - What are the Best Items to Sell?

So, what are the best Booty Farm items to sell? The list is pretty short. It may seem counterintuitive, but you don't want to bother with selling high-end items that take a lot of time to generate the prerequisite resources.

The Necessary Buildings for Booty Farm Selling Success

Here are the buildings you're going to need:
  • Feed Mill (x2)
  • Juice Bar
  • Oven
  • Fryer
  • Apple Tree
  • Salad Bar
  • Dairy
  • Flour Mill
  • Pie Oven
  • Dessert
If you're not of a high enough level to unlock some of these buildings, worry not! You can still craft some of the easier items in the game and use that to build your fortune as you level up.

Booty Farm Items to Sell, Prices, and Crops

What should you be focusing on selling? It's a pretty short list. Here's a table that breaks down the items, their sale price, the building they're created at, and the required crops:

Item to Sell Max Price (Stack of 10) Buildings/Animals Required Crops/Products Required


Bacon Wrapped Corn 1,360 Field, Feed Mill, Pig, Fryer Corn, Carrot, Pig Feed, Bacon

Apple Chips 1,460 Apple Tree, Oven Apple


Shepherd's Pie 1,560 Field, Feed Mill, Pig, Pie Oven Corn, Carrot, Potato, Pig Feed, Bacon

Cheese 1,870 Field, Feed Mill, Cow, Dairy Corn, Lettuce, Cow Feed, Milk

Watermelon Salad 2,910 Field, Feed Mill, Cow, Dairy, Salad Bar Corn, Lettuce, Cow Feed, Milk, Cheese, Watermelon

Goat Cheese 3,550 Field, Feed Mill, Goat, Dairy Corn, Carrot, Goat Feed, Goat Milk

Watermelon Sorbet 3,590 Field, Flour Mill, Dessert Sugarcane, White Sugar, Watermelon

Strawberry Juice
4,270 Field, Juice Bar Strawberry

Mind, these are not the only items you can sell. If you find yourself overflowing with the base resources because your production can't keep up, you produce other items that make use of the same base crops and products. The Milk Shaker, for example, can be used to crank out Strawberry Milkshakes at a pretty decent profit. I rarely produce this item myself as I have my resource input/output pretty well balanced, but this an option you can exercise if you can keep up with production.

What are these the best Booty Farm items to sell? Simply put, the base requirements for their crops are easy enough to acquire. Strawberries and Sugarcane take 12 hours and 6 hours to grow, respectively, but you can get the vast majority of the base components in only a few minutes. Once you're at higher levels of gameplay and you have some more market slots purchased, you can find yourself making over 10,000 gold a day!

Booty Farm is plenty of fun and our guide will hopefully help you turn a profit in short order! You may also want to check out our guide packed with other Booty Farm tips. If this sounds like your kind of game, you can play Booty Farm for free at Nutaku’s website [NSFW].

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What do you think are the best Booty Farm items to sell? Do you think there should be something else in our Booty Farm selling guide? Let us know in the comments below!