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Adult Visual Novel RPG Karmasutra Hits Nutaku Storefront

March 17, 2017


Disclaimer: While this article doesn’t feature any content that is Not Safe For Work, both Nutaku and Karmasutra feature adult content and any links to either should be considered NSFW.

In a press release to TechRaptor, Nutaku has announced that following a wildly successful campaign on its non-profit crowdfunding platform Kimochi Red Light, the adult hybrid rpg-visual novel Karmasutra will be exclusively releasing on the Nutaku storefront. Karmasutra's development team, Top Hat Studios, Inc., has a long history of working on indie games and in the background of the visual novel scene, but have since become an emerging name for their focus on strong, unique, and engaging games.


Set in Tattva, a land heavily inspired by the real world Hindu and Buddhist religions and cultures, the player-protagonist quickly finds themselves having to make a morality decision: will they undergo Samsara, the ritualistic journey across Tattva that cleanses ones guilt and sins? Or will they ignore the cleansing call to partake in the dangers, pleasures, and delights found in Tattva?

Nutaku, Karmasutra


Karmasutra boasts over twenty-five locations to explore with a variety of human and monster characters to interact with. Beyond the obvious inspirations and presentations Karmasutra takes from the visual novel medium, the game also takes inspiration from the likes of Dungeons and DragonsEarthbound and a variety of tabletop RPGs as it focuses on choices and exploration.

Karamsutra will be available to purchase DRM-free from the Nutaku storefront beginning March 23, 2017 for $12 and is playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


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Correction: We had originally been told the game was releasing March 16. That has changed now to March 23 and the story above has been corrected with that information.

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