Adult Drag Race Game 'Hot Engine' Newly Released On Nutaku

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Adult Drag Race Game 'Hot Engine' Newly Released On Nutaku

October 22, 2021

By: William Worrall

If you like cars, hot women, and full-frontal nudity then today must be your lucky day. Adult drag-racing game Hot Engine has just hit the Nutaku store, and tasks you with climbing the ladder of fame to become the most popular and successful drag racer in the city. Of course, there's a ton of gorgeous women along for the ride too. 

Hot Engine Puts You At the Wheel

In Hot Engine, you as the protagonist used to be part of a successful street racing club, but you damaged the leader of the club's car, and then he set the police on you. Forced to move to a brand new city, you have to start from scratch in a brand-new street race scene, climbing your way up the ranks to regain your previously held money and fame. Of course, most of your opponents are beautiful women who happen to find your driving skills very arousing, and...well you can probably guess what happens there. 

The gameplay in Hot Engine tasks you with buying and customizing your own car, with 40 different options available. You race by timing several button presses to shift up through the gears and, hopefully, beat your opponent. As you race in your car you gain money and fame to spend on upgrading your vehicle or buying new ones, and of course, you'll impress the other drivers you happen to beat and be treated to up to 75 uncensored sex scenes with the 25 unique characters you can race against. 

Check The Game Out Now At Nutaku

Another interesting point about Hot Engine is that you'll also occasionally receive pictures of the different characters you beat, that'll end up in your gallery. So you can always look back on those scenes with fond memories. If you've read this entire thing and think that it sounds like an awesome experience then you can check the game out now over at Nutaku. It's free-to-play on your browser or Android phone and features microtransactions in the form of a secondary currency called gems. 

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